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OS X Yosemite Annoyances

OS X 10.10 Yosemite: The Ars Technica Review

  1. Safari Tabs - I preferred the old way. This "scrolling" view is stupid.
  2. Safari Page Titles - Who needs 'em? Oh wait, I do. A tab is simply too small a space for important information like the name of the page (or an image's dimensions, etc.).
  3. iTunes - Don't get me started. I prefer the much more "data-centric" over "pretty" view I could have in the old iTunes.
  4. Color scheme - I've gotten used to it, but at first it's not appealing.
  5. Change to "Grow" button - At least the option key allows me to have the old behavior…
  6. Finder still loses open windows - I can repeat this with 100% accuracy. If I have a minimized window and I log out and back in (or reboot), the window is "lost" when I un-minimize it. Killing the Finder restores the window, and I've deleted the saved state, the caches, and everything else I can think of. 100% reproducible, and has been since at least 10.9.0, maybe even 10.8.0.
  7. Time Machine goofed up - It showed, but didn't let me access, any of the old backups. So I deleted the entire volume and restarted a fresh Time Machine backup. Lame.
  8. Continuity? - Seriously, the fact that it doesn't work on my 2012 Mac Pro is a freaking joke.
  9. Slow Mail Inbox - Mail is incredibly, inconceivably slow, particularly to display my inbox. I can watch messages appear, dates change formats, and so on. Seriously, clicking my Inbox - with about 300 messages total in it - takes several seconds.
  10. iMessages - It's still stupid with Group messages. It's still far too easily for someone to reply to a group message thread but have it create a NEW group message thread on other computers/iPhones/etc.

Continuity Fail: 'Continuity Activation Tool' Enables Handoff on Older Macs - Mac Rumors, Yosemite’s Handoff feature may not be compatible with all Macs and dokterdok/Continuity-Activation-Tool · GitHub

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