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CVS, Apple Pay, and CurrentC

Retailers are disabling NFC readers to shut out Apple Pay


Retailers are banding together to:

  • Keep more money for themselves
  • Limit choices for consumers (you can still pay with your VISA, at no extra cost to the retailer, but you can't do it by waving your phone in front of a machine?)
  • Directly withdraw payments from your checking account
  • Decrease security for consumers (CC companies, and Apple, care about security. Retailers have proven they do not.)
  • Force QR Codes (seriously, QR Codes???) on people

Again, NOT supporting Apple Pay is dumb. They will not be able to say "we don't take VISA" any time soon, so they're literally limiting you to SWIPING your card instead of the more secure NFC way of one-time numbers and sharing/storing no personal information.

I hope Apple and Google simply don't allow these apps to be sold. Not that it's a necessary move.

Shame on you, MCX and Wal-Mart, CVS, Rite-Aid, Best Buy, 7-11, etc.

2 Responses to "CVS, Apple Pay, and CurrentC"

  1. I totally agree. This is a ridiculous move on the part of MCX and the entire group of retailers. There are very few companies that I let have direct access to my checking account, and MCX will never be in that group. Without NFC technology, their solution might not be so laughable, but the purchase process is so clunky that I would never consider it. I mean, I still use cash for most things anyway, and will continue to do so, but I would definitely consider using Apple Pay if I had an iPhone 6.

  2. I forgot the part about CurrentC requiring SSNs (though MCX now says they will not be required). That is a nonstarter for me: not only will they never have access to my bank account (not even my credit card company has access to my bank account!), they will never have my SSN.

    Nope, not gonna happen. Ever.