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My Next Desktop May be an iMac

Assuming I can find the storage space I need ((I have four 3-TB drives on my Mac Pro. Only two contain original content. One is the Time Machine backup, and the other is a cloned nightly bootable backup drive. At any rate, a simple Thunderbolt multi-drive dock may be all I need. And a Thunderbolt scanner, I guess, too, since I still have a Firewire scanner that works really well with VueScan.)), it's being reviewed quite favorably.

Full review here.

2 Responses to "My Next Desktop May be an iMac"

  1. s/Lightn?ing/Thunderbolt/g

    Apple’s Thunderbolt-Firewire adapter works quite well. I used it to move everything from my old iMac (in Firewire Target Mode) to my new 5K iMac. That adapter is a good option given that you like your current scanner, and it’s handy to have around for any other Firewire devices you may have.

  2. Yes, thanks. Thunderbolt. :doh:

    I'd still probably like to have an enclosure for a few drives. An enclosure is even more relevant if the internal drive is smaller (because it's an SSD) and the external needs to hold more files.