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Open File Limits on Mac OS X (Yosemite)

Twice over the past three months I've awoken to find that my computer had set opened too many files. One time it essentially corrupted my Mail (I had to "restore" old accounts from Time Machine because Mail had lost track of all the accounts - the emails themselves were still there, of course), and the other time only minor things happened, but who knows if I caught them all?

Some resources:

I believe I've bumped the open file limit successfully. It seems pretty low, particularly considering:

[12:33pm iacas@Bunny:~] % ofc Safari


alias ofc       'lsof | grep \!:1 | wc -l'

That's with six Safari tabs open currently, and Safari having gone about 12 hours since last being quit and re-launched.

Safari is, by far, the worst abuser of open files.