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Finder Windows Vanish on Reboot

Finder Windows Disappearing, Finder Windows Disappearing, How do I stop Finder-Tabs from closing after Shutdown/Restart

I've had this issue for years.

I have a Finder window with tabs showing. Sometimes it's just one tab ("Downloads"), sometimes it's two or three. Rarely is it ever more than one window.

I leave them minimized almost all the time.

When I reboot, they'll still be in the Dock. When I click them, they'll zoom out of the Dock, and then immediately vanish. They're still listed in the "Window" menu, but you cannot "get" to them at all.

In Terminal, killall Finder brings them back after the Finder re-launches.

Why can't they just work the first time? I don't know. I've tried deleting the saved state, the finder.plist, and other things along the way. Nothing seems to work.