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Good Set of Kitchen Knives

I'd like to get a good set of kitchen knives. The $50 set I have had for nearly 15 years is starting to show its age.

I'd like:

  • Six to eight steak knives.
  • A paring knife.
  • A bread knife.
  • A chef's or carving knife (for quartering chickens).
  • A sharpening or honing blade.
  • A pair of kitchen scissors.
  • Possibly a santoku.
  • Possibly a filet knife.
  • Possibly a vegetable knife or some other specialty knives.

That's between 13 and 18 knives or so.

Amazon has a few sets, but I don't even know what brands are good. Chicago Cutlery is easy to find, but seems mid-level at best. There are sets like this one at Williams-Sonoma for $369.

I don't really have a price range in mind. It seems I'll be spending between $100 and $500. I appreciate a good amount of heft, and solid knives that hold an edge. I don't know whether that means ceramic, carbon steel, or whatever.

I don't really even care too much about how well the set matches.

I'm willing to buy from just about anywhere, though we have an Amazon Prime membership so perhaps there is best.

Any thoughts?

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