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Apple Watch Thoughts

Just some random thoughts as I use the Apple Watch on Day #1.

  • The "remote control" only works to take pictures? WTF? Why can't it stop and start recording a video? What kind of stupid decision is that?
  • Taking screenshots is nice, but honestly‚Ķ what is there to really screenshot?
  • I have nobody to whom I will send a heartbeat ((Outside of the awkward one I'll likely send to Dave, just to try it out.)). My wife doesn't (yet?) want an Apple Watch.
  • The Taptic engine is quite nice.
  • I like being reminded to stand.
  • Taking a phone call on your watch is cool. The speaker is "okay."
  • The sport band is pretty nice. It doesn't feel like cheap rubber. It actually feels somewhat luxurious.
  • My heart rate has been pretty accurate. That's good.
  • Selecting contacts with the wheel thing is kind of lame. I don't have that many favorites - why can't it spread them out a little and make them go around the whole circle?
  • I still think it's dumb that you can't delete apps you never plan to use on the watch, particularly since screen real estate is at such a premium. You can't bury them in a folder you'll never open like on the iPhone.
  • Whose bright idea was it to not let me show only specified calendars on my Apple Watch? I don't want to know what my wife or child have coming up next on their calendars? I care about my calendar!!!
  • I don't use Mail, but the choice to use ALL inboxes or just one seems like the Calendar choice: short-sighted and dumb. Why not let someone select the two or three mailboxes they want to see? Why make it "one-or-all"?
  • Contrary to what I've seen in other places, I don't think it's difficult to learn at all. In fact, I think it's quite easy to learn. Now, I watched some of the videos Apple made, while I'm sure others did not, but still… it's not a complex or confusing system. It's just different.
  • I finished the day - a full day of goofing around and playing with it and so on from 12:20pm onward - with about 30% battery left.

2 Responses to "Apple Watch Thoughts"

  1. Hey Erik, just curious, how well could people hear you when you used it for a call?

  2. Pretty well. My wife didn't even ask me (it sounds like I just have her on speaker phone), and others reported the same type of sound.

    I've been very pleased. I feel I've integrated it very smoothly into my life, and it saves me from looking at my phone MANY times a day.