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Tempur-Pedic Remote Fried

Well, the wife washed the Tempur-Pedic remote accidentally, a few weeks ago, and now the bed is acting pretty wonky.

Fortunately, whatever company originally made the "Orthomatic" base that we have was later bought by Leggett & Platt, and their warranty service is pretty good for a bed that was apparently manufactured 12/19/2000. For $120.72 (including UPS two-day shipping), we're getting a new motor, new converter box, and a new wireless remote.

Cleaning the remote out worked temporarily, but the rubber conductive pads seem to have been spoiled or some of the circuits fried or something, as the remote will "turn on" when you're not pushing on it sometimes, and not work when you push buttons sometimes.

2 Responses to "Tempur-Pedic Remote Fried"

  1. Must be having a rather slow day!

  2. [quote comment="316652"]Must be having a rather slow day![/quote]
    Me? Not really.