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Unusual Twitter Problem – Slow or Broken when Signed in with Safari?

When I'm signed in to in Safari, there's a high likelihood that visiting or a link will fail.

80% of the time I do this, in Safari, the site fails to load, or sputters for a minute before finally loading.

When the site loads, or the redirect works, it's fast. If I delete the cookie, it's fast. Signing back in again, though, is slow.

It's just Safari. I can visit the same link while signed in to from Chrome, or Firefox, and it works fine.

What's going on?

One Response to "Unusual Twitter Problem – Slow or Broken when Signed in with Safari?"


    [quote]I bought a new iMac last week with El Capitan preinstalled. I've encountered this error and I can't seem to overcome it. Regardless of where I open links they do not load, refreshing eventually works which makes it all the more mystifying. I'm not sure if it's limited to links or if other url shorteners have this problem. I've deleted extensions, emptied cache, cleared history and reset Safari manually and still the issue persists. On my other iMac I installed El Capitan and it suffered from the issue too. On Mavericks everything loads fine.[/quote]