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The Dentist

So, I had my first trip to the dentist in, well, more than six months. More than seven, even… 😛

Predictably, things weren't as good as they should have been, but they weren't what I'd call bad. Internally, I'm telling myself that it's far worse than it was, too, as motivation to do a better job. I've always had a hard time caring about my teeth since the orthodontist screwed up when I was a kid. I followed his instructions to the letter (my parents were paying a good amount of money after all!), and my teeth migrated right back.

One of the lasting things… my last wisdom tooth (bottom left) is coming out. It's always tough to brush ((I've resorted to using a child's toothbrush to reach the back teeth as much as possible - the smaller brush head makes this easier and makes me less likely to gag.)), and it's always been crowding the other teeth. This will now make eight teeth I've had removed for crowding.