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Cleaning and Orthodontia?

The dentist visit a few weeks ago was just to update the smaller X-Rays. Today was my cleaning. Same grades - not great, not terrible. The woman had to use the electric scaler briefly. That thing sounds so much worse than it is, but in some ways, it feels better than something just scraping along. The former sounds more like a power drill (it sounds like you're having some serious work done) while the latter is closer to nails on a chalkboard.

I also made an appointment with my daughter's orthodontist for next week. I hear they can do some pretty intense things with Invisalign these days ((My wife reminds me that she heard they can shave your teeth a little bit, too, though.)) With my bottom left wisdom tooth coming out in a few weeks, I'm curious - not at all hopeful, though, really - what they can do.