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After complaining about how WordPress formats "read more" links, I spent a little while kicking out the first version of this plugin. It works well in my tests, but as a version 0.1, I don't know that it will work for everyone. It's also not as efficient as it could be: this is "working" code that I'm releasing for further testing.

BetterWPReadMore provides you more customization options to format your "read more..." links. This plugin offers four options:

  • Remove <a id="more-xxxx"> on individual pages.
  • Remove "#more-xxxx" from "read more" links on index.
  • Add title to "Read More" links on index.
  • Put "Read More" links in their own paragraph.


This plugin has no warranty. That being said, I've been using it for a few weeks without problems. You may not like how the emails look, but I find them a bit more palatable.

Installation and Use

  1. Download and unzip the folder.
  2. Upload the "BetterWPReadMore" folder to your /wp-content/plugins folder.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Visit the "Options" page, click "BetterWPReadMore," and configure some settings.
  5. Note: BetterWPReadMore applies a class="readmorelink" to either the <span> or <p> tag (depending on how you've set that option). If you want to style your "read more" link, do so with span.readmorelink or p.readmorelink.
  6. Enjoy!

0.1 (November 20, 2006)
- Initial release

0.2 (January 23, 2006)
- Added WordPress 2.1 support. Should be backwards compatible with WordPress 2.0.x.

8 Responses to "BetterWPReadMore"

  1. Excellent job on this plug-in. I was having a difficult time getting the read more link on the same line as my posted in categories line. I did not want to hack the source code as this would make upgrades a pain. This does everything I want. Thanks so much for sharing this!!

    I hope you can continue to update it as required by any new versions of WP that may break this plug-in. Are you aware of any bugs that I need to be aware of that I may not have spotted. I am using 2.0.7

  2. Great plugin that solves an annoying problem. Thanks for whipping it up.

    One question: How do you change the read-more link text now? I noticed that after installing and activating the plugin, my links now read simply "Read more" instead of the custom text I have entered into my theme files.

    Come to think of it (as a request/suggestion) would it be possible to include an option for changing the more link text from the admin menu in a future version of BetterWPReadMore?


  3. I'm interested in this plugin but you don't seem to use it on your own site. Does it still work?

    1. Andy said on March 10, 2009:

      I'm interested in this plugin but you don't seem to use it on your own site. Does it still work?

      It still works with WordPress 2.7.1, yes, and I've always used it on this site (and a few others).

  4. [...] BetterWPReadMore: Elimina la palabra “more” del enlace “Read more” o “Leer mas” cuando muestras un extracto en lugar del articulo completo. Desde la pagina principal piedes verlo al pasar el puntero del raton sobre “Leer el resto del articulo”. [...]

  5. This is exactly what I've been looking for. thanks man! 😎

  6. Great job, thanks a lot !

  7. I was having a problem with double read more links showing up on a custom homepage. This solved it (in WP 3.0.4) by unchecking 'Put "Read More" links in their own paragraph.' Thanks!!

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