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Overlooking Ugly Sites

netTunes.jpgIn this day and age, I find it increasingly important to have Web site presence that's "presentable" at worst. Witness the site, a pretty "plain" (if you wish to be polite) site. I'd followed a link from to check out NetTunes, and pretty much left after seeing the home page.

Just as I probably won't ever take a fat doctor's advice about eating right, I probably won't ever download much software from someone who can't figure out enough HTML to put together a presentable site. It isn't that difficult. WYSIWYG editors these days - as much as I dislike them - typically come with some decent templates. Besides, you can always do what I used to do: find a site you like, copy all the code, change everything (especially the graphics, of course), and voilà! By the time you're done, your site looks nothing like the original, yet still looks good… If you're going to expect a visitor to your site to take your shareware as high quality, put up a site that's at least presentable.

2 Responses to "Overlooking Ugly Sites"

  1. As of today, the site is greatly improved. Before, it was rather atrocious!

  2. Well, not quite as of today! The site was updated a few weeks after your post!

    Thanks for the kick in the pants.