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About Me

I posted my disclaimer and this is the corollary of sorts: the "about me" page. Who cares? Most likely nobody but me (and a few people wasting time at work). On the off-chance that you need a small piece of useless trivia about me, well, perhaps this will help.

Name: Erik J. Barzeski ((I like the "J" for some reason. It's in my physical signature, too.))
Nickname: iacas ((This stands for "I Adore Carey Adina Smith." I chose it when I first got online in 1986. The guy whose modem I was dialing into (essentially) asked "what username do you want?" I chose "erik" but was then told "that's not cool to pick your own name." I picked "iacas" because it looked nifty, meant something, and could be pronounced if need be. It's been my "online alter ego" ever since. The Carey story is strengthened by my three-year high school crush on her. Calling it a "crush" may be unfair to myself, Carey, or both of us. It's too far in the past to remember exactly what it was, but crushes typically don't last a decade. Oh, and Carey and I are married now. To each other, as it turns out.))
AIM: Figure it out given the immediate above
Location: Erie, PA
Originally: Near Erie, PA (small town called "North East")
Born: March 23, 1978. That makes me an Aries, for whatever that's worth.
Numbers: 5'10", 185, and 42. I'll let you figure out the last one.
Marital Status: Married (since May 27, 2005) to the nickname's namesake.
Occupation: Web and software consultant
Favorite Meal at Outback: Melbourne, rare; baked potato with a lot of butter and bacon bits - no sour cream; cinnamon apples instead of the salad. I've never ordered anything else there. (Except one time with Kati when they - I kid you not - ran out of steak.)
Favorite Drink: Coke, though I've kicked the habit.
Personality Type: ISTP ((Read more about me, the ISTP (or not).))
Personal Goals: Yep, I have 'em ((Read 'em here and realize that blue = "I did it."))
Skills: Golf, programming, procrastinating, etc.

18 Responses to "About Me"

  1. I am taking note that at the end of your fourth footnote, you left out Carey's name. Ahhh, the joys of unrelenquished (sp?) young love.

  2. Yep; you're young. Very young. A whole eight days younger than me. 🙂

  3. Yeah, but he's 18 days older than me.


  4. "about me"

    well i guess i should point out that the about link to the left is b0rked. but erik just posted

  5. Carey got the benefit of being my girlfriend without any of the commitments. Y'know, like kissing or anything. I was the emotional half of a boyfriend, and some of the other guys she dated seemingly provided the physical half. Judging by footnote #4, though, it was her loss. 🙂

  6. hey erik- cool site. i stumbled across it via what are you using for your random quote display? i have a similar function on my site that's driven by select random sql command, which isn't all that random (it often just displays the first row from the quotes table in my database), so i'm wondering what other solutions out there may be. thanks.

  7. hey how come no pic? if you're gonna say a girl gave you an undeserved compliment (lied), ya could at least show us your mug. ;->

  8. And nearly a whole year older than me...

  9. well, 3 yrs older than who's next?

  10. Hey Erik, I really like your stylesheet for the blog.. Any chance I could "borrow it"?

  11. He's over six years older than me.

    I had a revelation reading this about page... you're the same Erik from Freshly Squeezed Software. I had no idea. With a name like "NSLog()" I knew you must have been some kind of Cocoa freak, but I didn't know who. I used to correspond with Nick, mostly via AIM, but haven't talked to him in a while. Do you know if he has a personal website of any sort?

    I can't tell if Jessica, Kate, and Melinda are real people or not, but the whole Carey things got me sad.

    How do you know what your favorite meal is if you've never ordered anything else? silly.

    Good day,

    - Chris B

  12. Please do right by Six Apart and add one of their "Powered by Moveable Type" images to your blog as you are supposed to if you're a non-commercial user.

  13. Gary: no. I've had an MT badge for over a year and I gave them $50. They don't need any more "doing right by" from me. They need to do right by me and release MT Pro.

  14. loss? I guess I'll have to find out!

  15. niload vs. NsLog();

    I am not Erik, nor is Erik me.

  16. what the hell ist "Sofware Development"?! 😉

    anyway ... very cool website

  17. Well, I have two daughters- one older than you and one younger than you. I think I have a pair of shoes that are older than you. Dispite the disparity in my age to yours I love "noodling" around the web and in particular your site. I belong to an xcoders group and love my macs. I, too, play golf, but it seems that art often takes presidence over golf. I am a working artist in glass, silk and print. There just isn't enough time to do EVERYTHING I want to do... and I want to do it all! I hope you get to do all you want... you're young enough.

  18. I was just stopping by to visit and I saw the random photo of Tiger at The Memorial Tournament in Dublin. I grew up in Dublin about 200 yards from that golf course and went to high school there. Have you been down for the tourny? Back in high school we used to get week-long passes and see how many autographs we could get. Good memories!!!