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Ed Chooses Frankie

In an article I titled Ed Chooses Carol, the title of which gives away the Ed season finale, Alexei took objection to my practice:

You know, some of us haven't seen the Ed season finale yet, and spoiling it for us in the title of your entry wasn't very nice. I was looking forward to finding a nice quiet hour sometime next weekend in which I could enjoy yesterday's episode. Thanks for ruining it.

I know you don't know me, and you have no particular reason to care, but I'm annoyed enough right now that I'm going to stop reading your weblog, maybe for good.

Unfortunately, Alexei, this is my blog: I'll do as I wish. How long should I wait before posting my thoughts? I blog about Survivor every week, and American Idol - should I not do this in case people have not seen the episode? Should I walk around with you and attempt to prevent you from overhearing conversation at the water cooler that gives away the Ed season finale too?

Essentially, you're asking me to be more careful what I choose to use as titles for my blog entries so as not to "ruin" things for people I've never met - oftentimes people I don't even know read my blog. While I could do that, and quite easily, I again assert that this is my blog, and its primary purpose is to serve me. I wanted to name it "Ed Chooses Carol" because, six months from now when I want to find that article, I will probably remember that I named it "Ed Chooses Carol" and not "Ed Season Finale" (which seems to be a duller title to me anyway).

I'm sorry it was ruined. I understand how you feel. I was out during last season's Survivor finale, and it was being recorded. I happened to be in a restaurant with TVs, and the couple next to me wanted to watch, and they wanted to watch with the volume up. I couldn't help but overhear the . It sucked, and it "ruined" it in a way, but I couldn't blame them. What's more, they were in public and could probably actively see that I was trying to avoid watching (I'd asked them if I could turn it off - it wasn't even at their table). But still, I couldn't blame them.

So, again, I know how you feel, but you can't blame me. It is, after all, my blog.

4 Responses to "Ed Chooses Frankie"

  1. Usually if there's something I really want to see, like the Survivor ending, and I have it on tape I just avoid reading blogs. Everybody talks about this stuff and it's not their responsibility to protect me.

  2. I think I agree with both sides on this particular point.

    I certainly understand the disappointment of having something you haven't seen yet spoiled for you ... regardless of who the fault lies with, it's still an experience that is diminished for you. So I think that the disappointment that Alexei expressed was reasonable.

    I also agree with Erik that you are at liberty to do what you want in your weblog (within reason ... ignoring illegal stuff, etc...). It might be nice to warn about your practices in this regard in your disclaimer or sidebar or something, though, so people know what to expect. And the second time around, you certainly should know that somebody will be writing about TV events and be wary of that weblog.

    While you're under no obligation to protect people in your weblog, though, I would say that I personally never would ruin a result in the title ... it's just a courtesy to other people. I don't want to be the one that ruined it for somebody.

    Personally, I do the same thing that Tricia does ... avoid any media if you're trying to avoid a high-profile resolution. Not sure if Ed falls in that camp, though.


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  4. I see you've been talking about the season finale of Ed. I wasn't able to see it and forgot to tape it. Does anyone have a copy of the episode they would like to pass on? Just email at Thanks!