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Archive for September, 2004

Back Online

For now, at least, I have an Internet connection at home. Only 2800 emails to wade through (though no doubt about 2000 are spam). I'll resume posting things here soon.


I'm back to my apartment. I have power (three of the five buildings in my apartment complex do not). I have running water (and it is safe to drink). However, I do not have an Internet connection. I am at a friend's house now posting this… My apartment complex was not badly hit - some […]


I'm heading over to Clearwater, FL. There's this big spirally thing headed this way. Wish me luck…

Kerry = Apple?

I said I wouldn't blog about political stuff, but this is just ridiculous enough to make me want to point it out. I still remember that it was Dubya who helped Microsoft get off pretty damn easy in its antitrust trial. Kerry is nothing like Apple. If he were, he'd announce cool new policies, tell […]

iTunes Affiliates

I've signed up to be an iTunes Affiliate. Heck, if for no other reason than I can save myself a nickel for each song I buy, right? You can sign yourself up at Currently, I'm waiting to be approved. The signup process is rather lame and through another company named LinkShare, which, if you […]

Water, Ginger Ale, and Green Tea

It seems that I can't get ahead. I've successfully weaned myself from Coke - cold turkey - but consoled myself with ginger ale and Sprite/7-Up. They lose the caffeine but still have "high fructose corn syrup." I've tried green tea and don't care for it much, but I have enjoyed these Arizona drinks. Guess what […]

Cmd-D in PulpFiction

Even as a developer, we sometimes forget some of the cool features in our own applications. Today I had to remind myself that cmd-D toggles the linked content and the feed content. Ah, what a great feature! 🙂 Three cheers for cmd-D, even if I'm the only one that uses it (I suspect I'm not). […]

QotD: Bedtime

Question: What is your bedtime? My Answer: It used to be 2 or 3am, but now I talk to Carey at about ten and go to bed at about midnight. I wake up at 6 or so and then read for an hour before coming out. Flint is usually awake at seven, or I'd read […]