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Speed Up Time Machine

Disable throttling of low-priority background I/O, then re-enable it. sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0 sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=1

TouchID sudo

Pro MacBook Pro Tip: have a Touch Bar with Touch ID? If you edit /etc/pam.d/sudo and add the following line to the top… auth sufficient …you can now use your fingerprint to sudo! — Cabel (@cabel) November 16, 2017

dscacheutil -flushcache That's apparently all it takes. A more permanent (actual) fix in Safari is on its way. I hope this also fixes the delay in loading actual Twitter pages, too, like Lowest Score Wins (@LowScoreWins) | Twitter. Source: How to fix the Twitter problem

RoadTools PodiumPad

I'm bummed. The PodiumPad has been a great thing I've used for over a decade. I wanted to pick up one or two more, but the domain name is no longer responding or active. The whois entry is still active, though.

When I'm signed in to in Safari, there's a high likelihood that visiting or a link will fail. 80% of the time I do this, in Safari, the site fails to load, or sputters for a minute before finally loading. When the site loads, or the redirect works, it's fast. If I […]

My Mid-2012 Mac Pro doesn't have Bluetooth 4.0. I haven't been able to use Continuity on it, ever. That doesn't bother me too much. But, I was looking to upgrade to the Magic Trackpad 2 today, and saw that it requires Bluetooth 4.0, and so now I'm looking to upgrade this relatively recent Mac Pro […]

Dropbox Needs a “dropbox”

You want to send a file to a friend. They have Dropbox. You have Dropbox. Cool, right? Dropbox is not entirely well named, because unfortunately, you can't easily "drop" something on someone else's Dropbox. Instead, you have to upload the file to your Dropbox, give your friend the URL, await confirmation that your friend got […]

Step 1: Get direct download link for the videos uploaded in facebook Step 2: Get Facebook Video Direct Download Link You can skip step 1 if you don't care about the "why" part. 🙂

CrashPlan for Local Backups?

A comment here: Begemann's Backblaze Review - I've replace Time Machine (which repeatedly failed and erased my history) with Crashplan for lokal backup as well as cloud backup. Very convenient. Even when I'm away from home the backup goes to my local backup at home. (And then there is the option to backup to friends […]

Dropbox 10x Bigger

Introducing a more powerful Dropbox Pro New Sharing Controls New safeguards for lost devices 10x more room Nice. And just in time for iCloud Drive eh?

LaunchBar Keeps Improving

The Sixth Sense LaunchBar 6.1 adds "Staging." Which probably just means that I use about 5% of the app's power now…

Halt and Catch Fire, The Mac

Halt and Catch Fire Gets the ’80s PC Revolution Perfectly Right. Here’s How. Great show. What stood out to me the most was how, for seven or eight episodes, Cameron was trying to beg, borrow, and steal (384 K extra!!!) to create a very, very basic "interaction" model OS, and… in one of the last […] Unpopular Unpopular is my Chrome extension that helps dampen the social approval echo chamber. It hides indicators of social status on GitHub (followers, watchers, stars, forks) and Twitter (followers, retweets, favs). I find Unpopular useful to focus on what I find interesting and important. I hope you find it useful as well. If you're […]

Ballmer’s Email Hacked

Hilarious. frozenfan56. Heh.

Amazon’s Tactics Confirm Its Critics' Worst Suspicions But the more basic problem here is that Amazon is violating its own code. To win a corporate battle, Amazon is ruining its customer experience. Mr. Bezos has long pointed to customer satisfaction as his North Star; making sure customers are treated well is the guiding principle for […]