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The Beauty of Finished Software: When we buy a physical product, we accept that it won’t change in its lifetime. We’ll use it until it wears off, and we replace it. We can rely on that product not evolving; the gas pedal in my car will always be in the same place. However, when it […]

defaults write com.analyzrgolf.Analyzr zoomMagnificationDelta -float 0.01

Is it possible to AppleScript or use a shell script or programmatically turn on (and off) Do Not Disturb mode in Big Sur (macOS 11.x)? This GitHub project worked in 10.14 and 10.15 but requires more than we're willing to do to work around it in Big Sur. Any ideas? P.S. Will look at this […]

I've built a very quick "Smile" plugin for Amazon's Smile service. is the URL to download it and try it out. — Erik J. Barzeski (@iacas) June 8, 2014 After a few prompts… it's now on GitHub: I'm looking forward to someone taking my barely working quickie "good enough for me" extension and […]

The Terminal

The Terminal • Almost all you need to know to become a power user.

Monument Valley

I bought the game mostly to show support against idiots going back and re-rating it with 1 star. Turns out it's a great game and worth multiples of the money I paid for it. Particularly if you have a Family Share plan set up. Monument Valley on the App Store on iTunes

Girls and Coding

A Teenager Gets Grilled By Her Dad About Why She’s Not That Into Coding and Girls Who Code.

Common App Rejections

Common App Rejections - App Store - Apple Developer I like the "Top 10 reasons for app rejections during the 7‑day period ending August 28, 2014." section. 2% - Guideline 2.9: Apps that are "beta", "demo", "trial", or "test" versions will be rejected Duh.

Michael Tsai - Blog - Major Changes to Gatekeeper in Mac OS X 10.9.5 I'd share the results of the script but I'm not sure it did much to work, as Safari 7.1 shows version 1, along with every other application. Our application, Analyzr, should be ready.

Swift Blog

What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Airspeed Velocity I don't know. But it's a good blog for Swift developers.

A Candid Look at the Financial Side of Building Mac Apps on Your Own In 2007, I priced the app at $7. Over time I raised the price to $9, $12, $14, $19, $24, $29, $34, $39, and, now, $49. With each price increase my total sales and revenue have only gone up. And, as […]

We're probably going to have to update Analyzr. Translucency in 10.10 is gross with fullscreen apps (which I dig). What does that blotchy, blurry sidebar "show" me? — Neven Mrgan (@mrgan) July 26, 2014 Edit: There's some discussion here.

And, not only that, but it's for a new language they've written… Welcome, Swift Blog!

Read all about it here: Michael Tsai: The Indie Life.

How to make a custom keyboard in iOS 8 using Swift. Nifty. Bookmarked for later. Looking forward to trying some new keyboards in iOS 8.