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Survivor Electoral Math

Turns out my Survivor Electoral Math was right: Chris won 5-2. I wasn't dead on with the votes, but my tallies were right. There are usually some flips, and the flip in this case - Ami moving over to vote against the one with the penis - was more than made up for when LeAnn and Julie both voted for Chris.

In other words, after doing the math, it looks smarter for Chris to stay with his alliance with Scout and Twila. It's the only one he's really had, he doesn't come off as a jerk, and he has a good chance to win against either in the final two (and a good chance to win the final challenge against them, too - though I'm not forgetting Twila holding on with her teeth to win earlier).

That's just what happened, except the jerk part. He could have just said to Eliza "look, honey, I saved you that one time and I hope that means something, but I've got immunity and an alliance with Scout and Twila. I wouldn't win against you. I've gotta send you home."

2 Responses to "Survivor Electoral Math"

  1. Yup. We were saying the same thing here. But Ami didn't vote against Chris, she voted for Twila. Twila outplayed her. Plain and simple, and Ami voted for that. Chris overplayed himself a bit in the final tribal (and cheers to Scout for calling him on it) but other than that he did well where it counted. Instigating arguments when he needed to, being big brother when he needed to and winning challenges when he needed to. He deserved to win.

    It bothered me that Jeff Probst brought up Twila's need. Twila never played (at least on camera) the "I'm really poor and desperate so give me the money as if I'm charity" card, so why should he? I can't imagine that anyone puts themselves through the audition process and leaves their family for months to give the money away based on a hardluck story. Maybe if she used her life story to explain why she was so nasty and bitter, it would have helped.

  2. I call "bullshit" on that one Judi. Ami voted for the player without the penis. Whether she says she did or not is irrelevant - she hated Twila. Chris outplayed her, and Chris organized things as much as Twila did. Ami voted against the penis.

    Twila said on the morning show that her $100 grand would pretty much pay off her bills, after taxes.

    I also think Ami needs to realize that just because she spells her name "unusually" doesn't mean "Twyla" spells her name unusually either. I think that to penalize stupid people, if your name is misspelled, the votes shouldn't count. 🙂