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April Snowstorm

Just a quick follow-up on the blizzard from a day or two ago: it's now supposed to get up to 74° by Wednesday. You know, two days from now. These two pictures were taken mid-day yesterday (we got another six inches after it) and this morning, when it had already gotten up to about 42°.

Snowy Day

Snowy Car

I didn't care much about composition, getting a great shot, or anything. Frankly, I just wanted to document the weather and get back inside where I had no Internet service or power. 🙂

6 Responses to "April Snowstorm"

  1. Sounds like our snow here in Winona a week before this past Friday. 24" and 60's two days later. It has been 60's most of the time since but I found a small pile of snow yet while walking the lake yesterday. Weird weather.

  2. I am just glad you posted about it, because otherwise I may have decided to return to Pittsburgh yesterday instead of this morning. (although considering how ugly it was in Toronto I might have decided against it anyway)

    Even this morning, they had not yet cleared everything off between Buffalo and Erie.

  3. Yep, i guess this is worse than earlier. Now more on par with us. Gotta love living by the lake huh?

  4. And just think! It's beach weather where I am. Damn shame I never go to the beach...

  5. Not for long, sucker! 😀

  6. For those who weren't sure, two feet of snow melting in two days causes quite a lot of flooding. I won't be playing golf this week regardless of whether the last bits of snow remain or not because I don't...