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Archive for November, 2009

Safari AppleScript Broken

This is broken. It used to work. Script Editor complains about a missing value… tell application "Safari" set myJS to "self.moveTo(8,8);self.resizeTo(1100,1000);" repeat with thisWin in every document do JavaScript myJS in thisWin end repeat end tell Any ideas? This type of script comes in handy when a site resizes your browser window. I hate that…

I'm going to be using my Canon 5D Mark II to build first YouTube videos and eventually a DVD. As such, I found this quick tip to create droplets to convert to Apple's 422 format enlightening. I should probably pick up (rather, have the client pick up) an external hard drive to store all the […]

I never encountered any of the problems he's had - though I have had instances where my images get thumbnails from an entirely different image - but my library is small compared to his (12,500), and I agree with him about "existing bugs that never get fixed." I think camera support has gotten better and […]

Today Vinay Venkatesh lost control of his motorcycle after he hit a rut. He was airlifted to Stanford hospital and died in surgery a short while later. I hadn't talked to Vinay much in the past few years. He was very busy (and very in demand) at VMWare. I came to the Mac development scene […]