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Archive for November, 2009


I'm happy to report that this year, we have no leftovers. Well, just some mashed potatoes and some pies. Mmmmmmm.

Why the NHL Sucks

No Suspension: Two-Game Suspension: I'm fine with the Cooke suspension. I'm not fine with the double standard. Richards' hit is later, higher, and resulted in a far worse injury.

Cyndicate, the best feed reader out there <grin>, has been updated to version 1.3. This free update: Fixed a crash that can occur when rating an article. Added alias support to the database and license files. Fixed setting Twitter username and password when it hadn't previously been set. Fixed an issue with enclosures not being […]

Don’t Talk to the Police

This came up in reference to Tiger Woods' car accident, and I found it interesting:

Thanksgiving 2K9

Happy Turkey Day! I celebrated by… not eating any turkey. 😛 Stuffed chicken breasts, hrmph. Oh well, my favorite part of Thanksgiving (food-wise, anyway) is the mashed potatoes. And the pies. We drank the large bottle of Pink Catawba wine from Ferrante's - it was good. I had half a glass.

Kindle Updated to 2.3

The Kindle received a Thanksgiving update today, as noted by Dan Benjamin. Though the software update only pushed one decimal place to version 2.3, the updates include: Built-in PDF reader: Your Kindle can now display PDF documents without losing the formatting of the original file. Send PDF documents directly to your Kindle (via your @Kindle […]

Christmas Shopping 2K9

Are y'all done? 🙂 We are. I'm sure we'll pick up a few stocking stuffer type things, but overall, we're done. The only thing I want this Christmas is a razor. I would direct family members and friends to this post, but they'll just give me money anyway and I'll buy the one I decide […]

I joked a few years ago that the Steelers had hired Omar Epps as their new coach. Now the joke has finally made its way to the television show House.

Steelers Season Done?

6-4 after a lousy, crappy loss to KC. The Steelers are likely done this year. Polamalu out 3-4 more weeks. Aaron Smith out for season. Kirschke out indefinately. Kemoeatu out with MCL sprain. Big Ben out with concussion. Baltimore on the schedule next week. Steelers give up a kick return TD to start. You knew […]

Consumerist has the story and of course slashdot picked up on it. The facts of the matter are: It's incredibly obvious when a computer is used by a smoker. Smoking can violate the terms of the warranty the same way spilling pop on your MacBook Pro can violate the terms. Apple is well within their […]

I don't care about it. Not one bit. It's a netbook with less functionality than a netbook. The OS is a browser, and in my opinion, we ain't there yet. I don't need two cars, but I don't need a bike, either. I need a car and… whatever my iPhone is in this particular metaphor.

iPhone 3G Clock Time Late?

iCal (or, technically, BusyCal) Alarms in our house are a somewhat comedic event. If Carey and I are both on our portables ((See how I refrained from calling them "laptops"?)), three computers sound off at the same time along with her iPhone (an original, and thus, an EDGE phone). A symphony of beeps and dings […]

Pens aren't making the playoffs. Trade Staal for a winger for Sid. MAF can't win the big game. It's so cold in the D. And some of the O. And if you don't get those references, well, they're not real. The Pens injury list is huge. Gonchar and Talbot came back last night, but the […]


They say that before you know it, they're gone. Today we're roughly 2555/6570 (38.9%) of the way there.

It's simply gone too far. Like affirmative action - great intent, horrible in practice if it prevents a company from being able to hire the most qualified individual.