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Crash Boom Bang

I spoke to Carey as she was leaving school today, and then she called again at about 3:26, crying and sobbing and screaming. I couldn't understand most of what she said, but I did hear "Nat" and "bus" and "hit me" and "my car" and perhaps "obliterated ((I love that my wife uses the word "obliterated" even when she's just been in a car accident.))."

I called back in a few minutes and Carey was calmer. She'd been in a car accident near our house (on Zimmerly Road) because an oncoming car was sliding sideways on the street and hit her. We later discovered that the oncoming car, a Buick Lesabre driven by an 18-year-old who had been driving for only three months in her "new" car, had spun once or twice after plowing into the front of Carey's Subary Forester ((Impact was slightly towards the driver's side of Carey's car and on the passenger side of the oncoming car.)), clipping the driver's side rear of Carey's car and then hitting the side of the car behind Carey.

I waited to get Nat off the bus, told her "mom is okay, but she was just in a horrible car accident, so our plans tonight might be different than you thought, and even if mom goes to the hospital she's probably okay." I called a neighbor and asked if Nat could stay with her for a little while. I drove to the scene and found Carey in the ambulance for precautionary measures. I saw only two cars ((Carey's and the guy behind her. The Le Sabre may have been moved off the side of the road by then. Cars were still driving right up to the accident - despite all of the flashing lights - and having to turn around, and there was an empty school bus stuck in a ditch trying to make the turn.)) and didn't look at Carey's very much, except to note that the hood was not even as dented as I was expecting.

We all agreed to take her to Hamot - again for precautionary measures to check for any internal injuries or breaks - and I called everyone to let them know of the plans. I re-iterated to Nat that mom was okay, and going to the hospital so she could get checked over.

We spent a bit less than three hours at the hospital, the highlight of which was my discovery that Carey's neck brace had four adjustable height settings - "Tall," "Regular," "Short," and "Neckless." Carey's was set to the last option…


While there Carey had neck and chest x-rays, and complained of a sore right ankle, a sore right shin/knee, a sore neck, a headache, and a sore chest where the seat belt had yanked on her. She had bruising in all of those spots but fortunately had no breaks or internal injuries that the doctors could find.

She was prescribed some higher-strength Motrin and a mild narcotic if necessary. She'll spend a day or two at home instead of working, and then we'll have to see how all of the insurance settles out.

It goes without saying that I'm incredibly grateful that both Carey and the other driver were traveling below the speed limit of 40 MPH. Even at 30 MPH, the crash was effectively a 60 MPH crash for both drivers. I'm incredibly grateful for modern engineering and crumple zones, as my wife walked away from a wreck that even 20 years ago may have severely injured or killed her. She said her driving compartment was completely normal and the worst thing about it was the smell of the airbag deployment.

3 Responses to "Crash Boom Bang"

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  2. Glad to hear that everyone comes out OK.

  3. Wow, I'm glad to hear that she was OK. I hope that over time it continues to be so.