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iOS Permissions: Respecting the User. I've seen more apps doing what this app does: ask you if you want to allow access to something using its OWN UI. If you say Yes, then you're given the "only-one-chance" iOS version. Smart.

5.5 Inch iPhone?

I used to make fun of those huge phones I'd see people carrying from Samsung or whomever. I sincerely hope that Apple doesn't make the mistake of putting "The Good Stuff™" in just the largest phone ((Better camera, faster processors, upgraded fingerprint stuff, whatever….)), because I don't know that I'll want a huge freakin' iPhone. […]

Surface Pressure in iOS 8

Pencil / Surface Pressure from FiftyThree on Vimeo.

Only Apple

Daring Fireball: Only Apple The takeaway, IMO: Tim Cook is improving Apple’s internal operational efficiency.

1Password in iOS 8

The Power of iOS 8 – Ole Begemann Go back to the home screen and launch 1Password. Enter your 1Password master password. Locate the web siteʼs credentials in the 1Password database. I have several hundred logins stored in 1Password, so this can require quite a bit of manual browsing or using the built-in search, which […]

MAC Address Randomization

Michael Tsai - Blog - iOS 8 MAC Address Randomization I'm pretty sure my friend Aaron Linville had a bit to do with that in an earlier version of Mac OS X… Also, "While Using" is quite cool. I'll be enabling that for almost everything except perhaps To Dos (the geofenced variety will need to […]

What product designers can learn from iOS 8's iMessage changes LOVE the radial menu method of doing video or photos. Such a pain in the butt. Now if only there was an option not to save iMessage videos/photos to your camera roll… I'd be super happy. ((I delete them 99% of the time. They're transient […]

A Tale of Two Apples

A tale of two Apples: Apple follows Steve's lead by not following it. Good stuff. To those who thought Apple would wither when Steve Jobs died, well, they forgot what Josh and I and others saw a long, long time ago: Tim Cook's a pretty bright guy, and he'd been soaking in the Apple culture […]

So… When Yosemite hits, I'm going to imagine that Cyndicate may cease to work properly. Or, at the very least, it will stand out like a sore thumb. So… What does everyone use to read their "feeds" these days? I know Google Reader was popular… until they closed it. So… Any suggestions?

WTF? Seriously, Apple? Like "Photos" is going to replace Aperture for the semi-serious to serious photographer. Sorry for the link dump, but I've gotta process this all later. Apple Ending Development on Aperture as Upcoming Photos App for OS X Will Replace iPhoto - Mac Rumors Apple Will Retire Aperture With Arrival of OS X […]

The Next Five Years for Apple

The Next Five Years — carpeaqua by Justin Williams I came into this years WWDC fairly mellow to what would or wouldn’t be announced. There wasn’t any anticipation or excitement the night before. Just a standard amount of curiousity. After the Keynote, I can’t remember being that excited since the announcement of the original iPhone. […]

Apple makes it easy for devs (and others) to screencast iOS apps with OS X Yosemite: Apple has added a handy feature into OS X to easily capture the screen of an iPad or iPhone on the Mac itself. Apple positions the feature as a way to help developers quickly make app previews, which Apple […]

Noooooooo!!!!! At Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference today the company rolled out a new look for its web browser, Safari. Apple executives didn't point it out, but sharp-eyed observers have noticed one significant change to the interface. The address bar truncates URLs to the domain-name level. I wonder if the URL will "fold out" if you […]

WWDC 2014 Prelude in Hindsight

I always like to look at the predictions or preludes in hindsight: Daring Fireball: WWDC 2014 Prelude. Mac OS X 10.9's icons will need an overhaul to match the rest of the UI. My guess: a unification with the iOS 7 style. Maybe with circles for the outer shape (Apple already uses many circular icons […]

Goodbye Katie Cotton

Daring Fireball: Kara Swisher on Katie Cotton shines a light on just how well Katie Cotton did her job for Apple. And yet, in the press, she's called names. As is often the case… screw the media, man.