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Numbers: One Funny Control

See the two segmented controls in the screenshot of the Numbers inspector? Right there in the "Page Layout" section? SEe 'em? Thing is, they're not segmented controls. At least, they don't act like 'em. They look like 'em, but they don't quack like them, so they're not ducks. Instead of clicking on the left or […]

iDisk Acting Funky

I keep my Scorecard database and license on my iDisk. I then alias the "Scorecard" folder to Application Support. I also export my rounds (HTML) to the "Web" folder on my iDisk so that they are automatically synchronized to my Mobile Me account (see them here). This setup worked beautifully in the .Mac days. Back […]

Safari 4 Beta Slowdowns

I have to quit Safari 4 preview at least once a day, and often several times, because occasionally the app will just bog down, even with only a few tabs open in one window. Commands - clicks, hitting "cmd-T" or "cmd-N," etc. - take a second or two, and even things like scrolling and switching […]

MobileMe Problems and HomePages

My iDisk was updated (see previous post), but Apple still seems to be having trouble with .Mac and MobileMe. One My ".Mac Homepage," which I currently use just to store my scores, still exists at Replacing "mac" with "me" in the URL doesn't work, so are these sites going to continue to exist at […]

New MobileMe iDisk

I wish it was blue. Oh well. P.S. I had to reboot my Mac to get this. Logging out likely would have worked too but I wanted to fix a USB issue1 that a log-out wouldn't solve, so I rebooted. Update: My Mac Pro control panel lists only a 10 GB iDisk, but the MobileMe […]

WWDC Tomorrow

WWDC 2008 starts tomorrow with The Steve's keynote. What will Mac users far and wide be spending their money on this year? I don't have any predictions. I've gotten out of the game. I simply wait to see what's come out and make my decisions then. I won't even be watching the keynote or following […]

.Mac Not Syncing

I have three computers right now: a Mac Pro, a MacBook Pro, and a 12" PowerBook. For some reason, I've noticed that the MacBook Pro is not syncing properly with .Mac. My keychains aren't right. Bookmarks don't synchronize themselves properly. I delete a bookmark on the MacBook Pro and it isn't deleted on the Mac […]

From right to left, I have Spotlight, FUS (short username), the date/time, .Mac Sync, Time Machine, AirPort, Spaces, FastScripts, TypeIt4Me, Rivet, and occasionally Twitterrific. So, that's about ten with possibilities for an eleventh. About a year ago, I think I had about six. How many items on the right side of your menu bar? 1-3 […]

In two words: not good. My first attempt to back up my MacBook pro (~115 GB of data) failed for some unknown reason about 30 GB in. My second backup attempt failed much more quickly and for unknown reasons. My third attempt progressed at a rate of about 1.5 GB/hour (on an 802.11N network) - […]

Where are My .psd Previews?

I've remained mum about this for the longest time, but I just can't take it anymore. My copy of Photoshop CS31 seems incapable of writing files with a preview embedded in such a way that the Finder, Preview, Safari, etc. can see the darn files. Instead, I just get the message you see to the […]

After updating to Mac OS X 10.5.2, my AirPort connection started dropping several times per day. I resolved the issue by changing the channel from 6 to 1, despite not having any interference or even any other networks nearby (as reported by iStumbler). This was when I had an old, domed AirPort Extreme that did […]

Screen Sharing Forever!

When you screen share a machine that's screen sharing you…

*Book: Old vs. New

Old New -------------- -------------- Name PowerBook MacBook Pro Screen 12" Matte 15" Widescreen Matte Processor 867 MHz G4 2.5 GHz Core 2 Duo RAM 768 MB 4 GB Hard Drive 60 GB, 4200 RPM 200 GB, 7200 RPM Optical Combo Drive* Dual-Layer 8x SuperDrive Keyboard Not Backlit Backlit Trackpad Not Multitouch Multitouch Wireless 802.11g 802.11n […]

My Time Machine Backup Drive is Full

A few days ago, my Time Machine drive filled up. I back up a 500 GB drive nightly to another 500 GB drive. My main drive (and the exact, full, bootable backup) have 130 GB free. Since I began backing up my Time Machine drive shortly after Leopard's release back in October, I'm fairly impressed […]

10.5.2 and AirPort Network Drops

Since updating to Mac OS X 10.5.2, my computer will randomly and semi-frequently drop its AirPort connection. This has never been a problem before. I'll usually notice because Safari will complain that it's not connected to the Internet. I look at the signal strength in the menu bar, notice it's gone completely dim, and click […]