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Anyone else out there have Animal Crossing: City Folk? I'm looking to add some friends. I'll post my friend code as soon as my wife gets off the game. She's already logged about 10 hours (with assistance from the gift's recipient). 🙂 Update: Here it is. Don't you just love my little Apple shirt? Oh, […]

Quantum of Solace: Double-Oh-Ugh

A few days ago I took in the new Bond flick and came away severely disappointed. Very little dialog or character development. No gadgets. Fast-paced, quick cuts that simply caused confusion. This was most evident during the many fight scenes, but was even evident when they were touching, tapping, and twirling things on a computer […]

So, like virtually everyone else with an Xbox 360, I downloaded the "NXE." After checking that Rivet still works (it does), I set about to explore. Avatars The first thing you've got to do is set up an avatar (mine's to the right). Frankly, and perhaps because it goes for the "realistic look" more than […]

Above .500!

With our win last night, the Tungsten Blades are above .500 for the first time in franchise history! Woot! In this current season, we're also the only loss for one team and the only win for another. Uh hmmm.

Beating the Unbeatables

It's sweet to beat a previously unbeaten team, I've got to say. P.S. Update.


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Whispering Woods 2009 Rates

With the range nearly complete, Whispering Woods released their 2009 price list. Membership rates are quite low! Surprisingly low, in fact: Individual (25-59): $2100 Family (same household): $2850 Senior (> 60 as of 04-01-09): $1900 Junior/College (16-24): $1500 Foursome Special: $8000 Corporate (Primary): $2100 Corporate (Secondary): $1650 All rates include green fees, use of the […]

Roku Box? Xbox!

For some reason I'd heard several things about the Roku box within the past few days. I finally got around to checking it out and, well, I won't be buying one because… the Xbox 360 will support Netflix streaming with the fall update. Duh - I'd forgotten about that. Woohoo!

Last night I played my first hockey game of the season, and my team's second. Last year we got off to a slow start, built as a team, and finished second in the league to a team that, this season, is playing in a better league. We had a spirited rivalry with another team, the […]

Hulu Fall Premieres

Some fall premieres are available early (today marks the end of week two) at Hulu. Having missed some of the "on-TV" season premieres, I've caught up by watching Terminator as well as a new show called "Fringe." The latter struck me as a bit of an updated X-Files or something - I plan to set […]

Whispering Woods (reviewed here) still doesn't have a blog or a means of updating the masses, so I've somewhat taken it upon myself to occasionally write about the goings-on in an attempt to educate the members and to perhaps inform the general public. In previous posts about the driving range, I've been hopeful that it […]

Bumpy on a Golf Cart

On my recent FAM trip to the Turning Stone Resort, I was happy to have the company of my father-in-law, Stan. He's better known as "Bump" or "Bumpy" around these parts, though.

MIA: Golf Game

If anyone's seen it, please return for a reward. In truth, I'm golfed out. I split my left thumb open and now I'm compensating for it by gripping it harder and lower on the thumb, which is now blistered. Great game! 😛 Tonight I'm off to Turning Stone for… more golf. I'm so close to […]

Weather: it never quite does what you want, does it? Today's Newport Cup round in the afternoon will be played at Lake View. Fog (and rain) at Peek 'n Peak have warranted that. Joy.

Newport Cup 2K8

Kicks off today at Thunder Hill. Weather for the week? Looks horrible. Not sure why I'm the only one wearing sunglasses. I must not have gotten the memo! Also, this may have been the first time I've ever used the timer feature on my Canon 5D.