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Hay, errr, Hy-Wire

GM expects to have the new Hy-Wire car in production by 2020. What the hell takes so long? Seriously. Nothing's gonna work the bugs out faster than getting these things into the hands of a bunch of early adopters in the early 2010's. Hell, I wish my next car was one of these things, partly […]

Maybe Nextel can (Nex)Tell Me?

There's a Nextel ad with Rob Lowe (and some other famous people). Each ad shows a "split screen" effect where the individual one (top or bottom) of the screen has a Nextel phone with their Direct Connect "technology," and the other clone has a "regular" cell phone.

Moblogging Mena

Part of the reason I got my HipTop… err… SideKick was to blog "on the go." Unfortunately, MovableType isn't really that great at handling this sort of thing. But, now that Mena's got a HipTop… err… SideKick, I expect that to change in the next release (or shortly thereafter). Yay!

TiVo to Use Rendezvous

TiVo talking to your Mac? Sure is... Chuq has snipped a part of a press release from TiVo or Apple or somebody (I forget, and can't be bothered to look). As an owner of a TiVo, I'm happy. As an owner of a TiVo 1, well, I guess this may affect my next TiVo, but […]

Miscellaneous Pre-Macworld

I'm sitting here waiting for the keynote to begin, and I have some URL clippings on my desktop that I really need to get rid of. Hence, this: This /. article asks a very good question: What is the origin of the cost of bandwidth? The Lindows CEO is apparently funding an effort to hack […]


I've gotta blog this page before I forget it: AOLBuddy is a screen name that interfaces with an AIM "bot." If you type "w 33445" you get the weather forecast for Delray Beach, FL. If you type "q aapl" you'll get Apple's current stock price. Looks interesting. Hopefully they'll add some more things to […]

When I was in college, I listened to the professors to whom i wanted to listen, and ignored those which I wanted to ignore, keeping half an ear on them for things that may be on a test. I taught myself Calculus 3 because the professor was such an entire bore I considered att class […]

NSLog Now “CC”ed

This site is now under a "Creative Commons" license. Anyone is allowed to reproduce my content so long as: they attribute the work to me they use it noncommercially their content should be shared similarly This is all explained here. In other words, I chose the license that protects most of my rights under normal […]

stevenf on HipTop

Steven of Panic has blogged his HipTop wish list. Among the ideas listed, I've already put the iSync support (via Bluetooth or the USB cable) on my own list. However, his sixth idea is absolutely awesome: SSH access. Yeah, that'd rock. Wow... Assuming you could stay connected regularly, of course 🙂 . I wonder where […]

Don’t Lose My Number

Phil Collins sings, "Billy don't lose my number." Soon, Phil will be able to switch wireless carriers - or even switch from a land line to a wireless phone - without losing his own number. Here's the article, and here's a quote: But starting Nov. 24, 2003, most of the United States' 135 million wireless […]

My HipTop… Again

I ordered a HipTop (T-Mobile calls it a "SideKick" though) today. For the second time. I spent about ten days with one (thanks to T-Mobile's 14-day return policy) a few months ago, and found the service in this area to be... lacking. It would cut out several times, and often couldn't stay connected at the […]