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Wired has a nice piece on Square's new card reader: How Apple's Lightning-Plug Guru Reinvented Square's Card Reader.

The NSA: An Inside View reminds me of the conversations I've had with my wife about liberties, storing emails, etc. She has said "They can keep and read all my emails, I don't care. I'm not doing anything wrong and I'm boring." I'm more on the side of don't talk to the police (though not […]

How Square moves Cash

How Square moves Cash is a simple article. Nothing I didn't know already, but only takes a minute to read. I've been on PayPal for a LONG time, and I use a combination of PayPal and Square when a customer wants to pay me (often a golf student).

Everything fits on the screen at one time, too!


New United Parcel Service software aims to cut delivery time and save fuel… Ultimately, the software could save UPS millions of gallons of gas each year and about $50 million in the United States in fuel costs, Perez said. It's one of many adjustments UPS has made to save time and fuel. Since 2004, the […]

Square Cash

So apparently you can now (or soon) send an email to send cash? I like Square, and use it for golf students (among other things), but how is this going to be secure? Can't someone simply spoof an email from you to send themselves money?

Kindle Paperwhite 2.0 Review

Having not owned the original Paperwhite, I believe that original Paperwhite owners need only upgrade if they hate the spotty lighting at the bottom of their Kindles. Otherwise, you can probably wait another revision or three. I'll do just that. Thanks.

20 Jeff Bezos Quotes

The 20 Smartest Things Jeff Bezos Has Ever Said.

All Hail 1-methylpiperzine

Except mosquitoes.


Hypercritical: Nintendo in Crisis and Daring Fireball: Nintendo in Motion are both worth reading if you're a fan of Nintendo, consoles, or gaming in general.

On Being “Googley”

The Meanings of Googliness talks about what it means to be a Google employee. One of the first comments? But really dude? On what planet is the biggest invader of privacy in the history of the planet ‘not evil’? Uh, yup.

One Second on the Internet

Every Second on the Internet is worth a few of your seconds.

Lavabit, email service Snowden reportedly used, abruptly shuts down - Boing Boing.

Repeat Smartphone Buyers

AllThingsD: "Previous smartphone owners buy Apple iPhones much more than first-time owners," according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. "Almost 50 percent of previous owners buy an iPhone, while under one-third of first-time owners buy an iPhone." In other words, as more and more people become "previous smartphone owners," things are looking up. 🙂

Don’t Be Evil

I wonder if they regret ever putting that out there.