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Copying Apple

Like it's 1984 all over again!

Samsung (as always), and even Google.

Upload Bandwidth

Upload bandwidth has always been constrained. On DSL lines, it's often 8x slower than download bandwidth. People consume more than they create, yes, but people are creating more and more these days. A good article from are on this:

Since I'm on a Comcast business-class connection, the next tier up from my current tier of 16Mbps-down/3Mbps-up only bumps my upload speed to 5Mbps—but it adds another $40 per month onto my bill. I know I said that upload speeds trump price, but there are limits. It doesn't trump price quite enough for me to justify almost $500 more per year for a measly additional 2Mbps.

Successful Women and Sport

I've never cared for the "everyody wins" nature of modern youth sports, and I care quite a bit less for the fact that girls are excluded from sport by way of people looking down on them competing as if it's not "lady-like" or some such nonsense. This article explores the link between successful women and their athletics, competitive upbringing.

Apple Found Guilty in eBooks Suit

TidBITS: Explaining the Apple Ebook Price Fixing Suit - that's about all you have to read if you haven't been following it too closely.

62 Skyfall Sins in 4 Minutes or Less

Uh, yeah. I feel like the Bond movies just keep getting a little worse each time.

Edit: The three things wrong with Skyfall adds a bit more to it.

The Dropbox Chooser, Saver, and Datastore APIs

Dropbox is bringing the Chooser, Saver, and the Datastore API to iOS and Android.

Nice. And still ahead of iCloud. 😛

iOS 7 Grid and Apple Hardware

Take a look at these two pictures:

Image 1 | Image 2

iOS 7 Type

There's a lot being said about the typography in iOS 7.

For example…

It's still in beta, so things can change.

Pandora Pays $16.89

I think there's some weird part of humans - or me, at least - that enjoys the occasional trip to the woodshed.

Apple’s iOS 7

Just a few links from around the web:

iOS 7 - Matt Gemmell
Michael Tsai - Blog - iOS 7 Design Requiem for a Back Button
Manton Reece: Multiplane

Jony Ive Heading Software

Can Jony Ive lead a software team?

Gruber thinks yes.

I think we'll have to wait and see, but signs point to yes.

The First 20 Hours – How to Learn Anything: Josh Kaufman at TEDxCSU

Josh Kaufman is the author of the #1 international bestseller, 'The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business', as well as the upcoming book 'The First 20 Hours: Mastering the Toughest Part of Learning Anything.' Josh specializes in teaching people from all walks of life how to master practical knowledge and skills. In his talk, he shares how having his first child inspired him to approach learning in a whole new way.

Printing 3D Guns

The Making of ‘The Blue Umbrella’

Director Saschka Unseld discusses Pixar, photorealism, and the making of 'The Blue Umbrella'

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