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Apple’s Profits in Perspective

This piece linked to here says: From October 2011 through September 2012, the combined net profit of Microsoft, Google, eBay, Yahoo, Facebook and Amazon was $34.4 billion. Apple alone made $7 billion more. In the same period, Dell, Asus, Intel, Acer, IBM, Lenovo and HP, i.e. virtually the entire PC industry, made $19.3 billion or […]

Good Article on Siri

CounterNotions has a solid article on Siri. Really worth the time to read, even if you have to do it in chunks.

QuadCopter for my Birthday

I think that for my birthday (March 23, so plenty of notice! :D) I'd like to get a QuadCopter to pair with my GoPro HERO3. Oh the things I can imagine doing with this combination… Is there some place with this stuff pre-built? Or some place that details the basic options? Maybe even has stuff […]

The Tesla Model S starts at less than $60k and is Motor Trend's 2013 Car of the Year. Also: Even with its remarkable, 85-kW-hr battery, the Model S' EPA-certified 265-mile range is about 100 miles short of spanning California's two biggest cities. And if you can't manage that, how would you ever get to New […]

How Fast Siri Should Be

It's not even close.

I paid the $20 extra to remove "special offers" on my Kindle Paperwhite and was disappointed to see the bottom half of my screen taken up with stuff like this: Fortunately, others complained and apparently Amazon may "fix" this in a future firmware update. For now I've disabled the Kindle Store on my Kindle PW, […]

eBook DRM Removal Tools

Just bookmarking this page for later. I've got the Paperwhite coming and this kind of stuff may come in handy at some point to keep books I have purchased.

New GoPro 3

The GoPro3 was announced recently. I might like to get one. They're tiny and shoot great video. The Black Edition looks sweet and includes the WiFi remote. And get this: the specs say it can shoot 240 FPS video in 848 x 480? That's a much higher resolution than the 448 x 336 resolution we […]

Design of Airline Luggage Tags

Here's an awesome article on the design of airline luggage tags - their evolution, the challenges faced, and the ways in which they've been overcome. My one tip? Don't fly through Detroit. It would not surprise me if 25% of lost luggage was flown through Detroit.

I'm still investigating ways to pick up an iPhone 5 at less than "full price" (and possibly even less than upgrade price, by trading in my iPhone 4S), but I must say I'm surprised at how disappointed some people are by both iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. Both are exactly what Apple does best: […]

Unlike this author/, I don't think Apple needs to fix anything. The ringer switch and DND work beautifully. The one thing that confused me at first was that the DND setting actually switches from "ON" to "OFF" when it's not on. I thought my settings were being changed, but what the software is actually doing […]

When Ideas Have Sex

Buying an iPhone 5 in England

My next upgrade to the iPhone 4S is in May or something, but I'm wondering if I was able to buy an iPhone 5 in England if that would "work" for me. The phone(s) are the same (I have AT&T service), right? I'd get the wrong kind of plug, but that would be easily remedied. […]

New Kindles

Seriously considering getting a Kindle Paperwhite to replace my second-gen Kindle. Any good reason to get a different model? WiFi plentiful. — Erik J. Barzeski (@iacas) September 11, 2012

NASA Touches Down on Mars

2:30 contains the actual touch-down moment.

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