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Director Saschka Unseld discusses Pixar, photorealism, and the making of 'The Blue Umbrella'

I funded the project a long, long time ago. I participated in the voting for the special colors. I've done everything asked of me. And what do I get in the end? A black watch, and a white watch on which I'm still waiting. And now they'll be available to the general public in Best […]

My Questions for Tim Cook

My questions for Tim Cook by Horace Dediu is a good read. My favorite? The fourth.

The joke: Two farmers bought a truckload of watermelons, paying five dollars apiece for them. Then they drove to the market and sold all their watermelons for four dollars each. After counting their money at the end of the day, they realized that they’d ended up with less money than they’d started with. “See!” said […]

Media Consumption

Wow. In 2009, according to the media research company eMarketer, the average U.S. adult consumed about 10 hours and 32 minutes of media per day. (That's including multitasking, so if you spend an hour browsing on your iPad while watching TV, that counts as two hours.) By 2012 that total was up over an hour […]

This site uses Dreamhost's built-in URL redirection, but it would be pretty easy to build an actual redirection script on any of my available domains. Perhaps itself, or if I don't mind it being a bit longer.

iOS 7 Bounce Physics

Apple's been doing nice stuff like this for so long, stuff like this is no longer thought of as all that awesome.


Otellini on being asked to produce the chips for the original iPhone: The thing you have to remember is that this was before the iPhone was introduced and no one knew what the iPhone would do… At the end of the day, there was a chip that they were interested in that they wanted to […]

Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins: A Terrible Idea For Consumers Like Garrett, I'll pass. And I don't buy anything on the Xbox anymore since they use that stupid Points system.


Instagram’s Story

A good article from Vanity Fair: Mark Zuckerberg and Kevin Systrom on What Really Happened When Facebook Bought Instagram.

The 2014 iBeetle Is Like an iPhone on Wheels - The fact that the 2014 Beetle is going to be one of the first cars to do much with our iPhones is simply appalling. Cars are owned for four, six, eight, ten years. So when they're already two, four, or six years behind adopting […]

I have one. It's black. I expect that I'll have another in a month (or longer, more likely). All serious offers will be entertained.

Idiot or Troll

That's the question being asked of this Rob Enderle article: The impossible task of fixing Apple. I'm voting for a combination of both: idiot savant troll. You simply can't be that stupid that often.

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