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Lucy Li’s Golf Swing

She's 10, and qualified for the U.S. Women's Publinks championship.

Soccer Ball and Golf Ball Juggling

I love videos like these:

FastScripts Background Process

FastScripts can now employ a background process to fire scripts if you enable a secret preferences setting:

defaults write RSScriptingPreferSeparateProcesses -bool YES

Sweet. No performance slowdown in several days of using it.

Why Arrested Development on Netflix is a Failure

‘Arrested Development': Why Netflix's Revival Failed

That's not the case with Netflix shows, which—thanks to the binge-viewing phenomenon—the conversation around appears limited to a narrow timeframe immediately after the release of the full season. Sure, there will be people who will watch weeks or months down the line, but the volume of the conversation is highest during those first few days, where people take to Twitter to share quotes, discuss plot elements, or share their progress.

He has a point…

Something I Do When Reading Passages Online

I've noticed that when reading articles, stories, etc. online I'll highlight paragraphs of text. I do it in the periphery of my vision - sometimes below and sometimes above the paragraph I'm currently reading. I'll highlight the entire paragraph, though sometimes I'll highlight from the second word to the penultimate word in the second and penultimate lines (respectively) inside of that paragraph.

I don't know why I do it; I just know that I've done it for a VERY long time. Perhaps it's keeping me aware of the exact location of my cursor.

I don't know.

I just do it.

Xbox One Revealed


I'll probably own one, but still: yawn. :D

Everything Apple Needs to Introduce at WWDC to Appease the Internet

Sounds about right.

iTunes 11.0.3 MiniPlayer

I noticed the added playback progress right away. The "mediPlayer" mode (for "medium player") is cool, but not something I'll use much at all.

Three Specialists for a Revolution

Vonnegut lists the three types of specialist necessary for a revolution:

The rarest of these specialists, he says, is an authentic genius -- a person capable of having seemingly good ideas not in general circulation. "A genius working alone," he says, "is invariably ignored as a lunatic."

The second sort of specialist is a lot easier to find: a highly intelligent citizen in good standing in his or her community, who understands and admires the fresh ideas of the genius, and who testifies that the genius is far from mad. "A person like this working alone," says Slazinger, "can only yearn loud for changes, but fail to say what their shapes should be."

The third sort of specialist is a person who can explain everything, no matter how complicated, to the satisfaction of most people, no matter how stupid or pigheaded they may be. "He will say almost anything in order to be interesting and exciting," says Slazinger. "Working alone, depending solely on his own shallow ideas, he would be regarded as being as full of shit as a Christmas turkey."

I imagine one person can fulfill two of the roles, though they'd almost always have to be the first and third or the second and third. I don't see the first and second being an acceptable blend.

Otellini on Passing on the iPhone Chip

Otellini on being asked to produce the chips for the original iPhone:

The thing you have to remember is that this was before the iPhone was introduced and no one knew what the iPhone would do… At the end of the day, there was a chip that they were interested in that they wanted to pay a certain price for and not a nickel more and that price was below our forecasted cost. I couldn’t see it. It wasn’t one of these things you can make up on volume. And in hindsight, the forecasted cost was wrong and the volume was 100x what anyone thought.

Isaacson’s Jobs Book – Still Only 20 Pages In

You know, I still haven't read more than about 20 pages of the Isaacson book on Steve Jobs.

I read or listened to too many bad reviews, like this one, or this one, before I started the book, and had lost almost any interest I had in reading it. I will some day. When I'm bored.

It's disappointing that Jobs chose Isaacson because, as is blatantly obvious now, nobody else will have the chance to do a good job now.

U.S. Lawsuit Against Apple over eBook Price Fixing

U.S. Now Paints Apple as ‘Ringmaster’ in Its Lawsuit on E-Book Price-Fixing

According to the Justice Department, that e-mail is part of the evidence that Apple was the “ringmaster” in a price-fixing conspiracy in the market for e-books, a more direct leadership role than originally portrayed in the department’s April 2012 antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five publishing companies.

What a joke. And this is the same government that let Microsoft get out of its trial by offering coupons for the purchase of Windows items. Uh hmmmm.

More here.

Chuq on Being a Pro Photog

Why Marissa Mayer was really right, even if you hate hearing that fact.

As I researched photography as a business and career, a funny thing happened. I realized that digital photography wasn’t making being a professional photographer easier or more lucrative, it was making it tougher. That’s because I wasn’t the only person who picked up a digital camera and thought “hey! I can do this!” — tens of thousands of us were having that thought, and many were jumping in and doing it. Some were actually succeeding, too.

Flickr Redesigns

What The New Flickr Means For Free and Pro Users

In other news, Flickr is apparently still around.

Amazon Coins

Amazon Coins: A Terrible Idea For Consumers

Like Garrett, I'll pass.

And I don't buy anything on the Xbox anymore since they use that stupid Points system.

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