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So… it's been awhile. I don't think I wrote my 2015 prescription down, nor my switch to the Oakley Barrelhouse 0.5 frames. I'm sticking with the same frames (in a "matte midnight" color, which has a strong blue tint to it). My prescription and eyesight actually improved quite a bit. I was -1.25 in both […]


The new fitness crazy (not the one that's currently out there). Invented today by me with input from Jason and Dave. 🙂

Once again we've decided to drive from Erie, PA to Orlando, FL for the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show. We (Dave and I) prefer this often over flying because we can stop and stretch when we want, we can talk and carry on, we can transport a heck of a lot more stuff, and it's more […]

48 Hr. Books Pricing

At one point, ordering 100 books through and getting the 25 free was the best deal. There were, essentially, no incentives to buy 500 books at once (even if you still only got 25 books free). This meant we often had to order 100 (or 125) books four or five at a time. Somewhere […]

Increased Spam Phone Calls

In the past three days I've received no less than 14 "spammy" phone calls. I don't answer my cell phone. When I'm at my computer, I quickly search the Web for the number calling me, and lately, a whole lot of them have been showing "" or other similar sites as the first, second, third, […]

Pittsburgh, PA

26 Ways Pittsburgh Ruins You For Life I'm sure you could concoct similar lists for just about anywhere (though one for Erie, PA would not be anywhere near as long or contain such good items), but Pittsburgh is a fairly special place. It's too bad we/they have such crappy winters sometime. But then again, I […]

Pepsi still sucks though. 🙂 Haven't had one in well over a decade now…


I was tempted to build my own omelette with Grilled diced ham, smoked bacon, and American cheese. $8.79 right? Or I could just order the Smoked Bacon & Ham Omelette for $0.50 more… 😛

No Its Becky

Sometimes, you like weird stuff.

Widespread suffocation from an exploding lake. Who knew?

Merry Christmas 2014!

Our gift wrapping took exactly 11 minutes today, and that was with everyone going one at a time. Yay!

It's time for the US to use the metric system


The truth about sharks: Far from being 'killing machines', they have personalities, best friends and an exceptional capacity for learning - Nature - Environment - The Independent Turn off the spine-tingling music and forget everything you thought you knew about this solitary, "mindless killing machine". Sharks have individual personalities. They socialise, choose best friends and […]

I knew how aperture worked (pinhole cameras), but I didn't think to make my own eyesight better by looking through a hole formed by my fingers!

Daylight Saving

Me, previously on this topic.