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Archive for September, 2008

Random Tuesday Thoughts

Best Buy wouldn't match a Circuit City price on an item that is $149 (with free shipping). Best Buy wanted $169 and considers the fact that you have to buy it online from CC to be the discrediting factor. It's also $149 from with free shipping. I could have it delivered to the CC […]

Viewfinders and Autofocus Points

JDD talks about the autofocus found in the Canon 5D Mark II, and in talking with him, I told him that I agreed the 5D's focal points are pretty worthless. "Focus and recompose" doesn't work at paper-thin depth of fields, yet you're either forced to do that with the 5D or you're forced to zoom […]

Changes Made to Photoblog

I made several changes today to my photoblog: Added histogram to the right side. Resized box and comments area to accommodate histogram. Added the category and tags to the left-side "Image Info" area. Re-enabled the "Paged Archive" add-on. Added photoblog to three photoblog site(s). I'd really like to get my site into wider circulation, so […]


WP-Super-Cache: Memory and CPU Hog?

WP-Super-Cache is considered by many to be one of the "must-have" plugins for WordPress. Yet if my recent experience says anything, it's that WP-Super-Cache causes nothing but trouble: it bizarrely interferes with the rendering of pages and it sucks up obscene amounts of CPU time and RAM.

Rivet 1.3 Now Available

Rivet, Cynical Peak's software for sharing movies, music, and photos from your Mac to your Xbox 360, has been updated to version 1.3. This is a bug fix and feature addition release: Added the ability to only display unplayed podcasts. The "Share checked songs only" option no longer requires the iTunes database to be reparsed. […]

JDD brings up some good points in his post on the Canon 5D Mark II: most lenses can't resolve enough detail to take advantage of a 21 megapixel sensor. I must say I've been relatively disappointed with the performance of my 24-70L and even, to a smaller extent, the 70-200 2.8L IS. The 300/2.8 is […]

Wall Street Bailout

Can someone explain to me exactly why it's in my best interests to support the bailout of Wall Street? Even theoretically? Because until someone can, I'm thinking this is quite appropriate.

Coming from WordPress, the PixelPost developer community seems bizarrely tiny. There are a fair number of themes out there ((And despite the smaller number of developers, I think there may actually be MORE good-quality templates for PixelPost than for WordPress.)), but the add-ons and modifications are relatively few and far between. An example of this […]

New Photo Blog

As I said a few days ago, I closed the Photo Battle Blog. Today I had a little time on my hands, so I've created a photoblog just for me: Subscribe (here's the link), visit, and most rate the photos. I hope to post daily, but those times when I don't have any particularly […]

iPhone App Install Problems

Apple needs to fix this crap: The only way to reliably install applications is to: Delete the application from the iPhone (which deletes all the data) Delete the updated app from iTunes Sync Re-Add (by drag and drop) the .ipa (iPhone App) back into iTunes Sync again Lame.

Golf Course HDRs

Just two HDR images quickly made with the SD550 (hence the less than superb quality)… The first is the opening hole at Whispering Woods near sunset. The second, the 13th hole at mid-day.

End of the Photo Battle Blog

The subdomain "" that I was running prior to today has been shuttered. It didn't accomplish what I had hoped it would accomplish - to drive me to create interesting photographs every day for a year. That's due to a number of reasons. The competition wasn't very stiff at all. Too many people voted, en […]

Mac OS X 10.5.5 and Screen Sharing

Ever since updating to Mac OS X 10.5.5 (I believe), several buttons have been missing from the toolbar in my Screen Sharing application. The only three buttons in my toolbar now are "fit to window" and the two clipboard ones. I know there used to be one for full screen, one for locking the screen, […]

For Sale: Canon 5D

For Sale (make me an offer, including shipping in the U.S.): Canon 5D body, in great shape, battery charger, and two spare batteries. Also includes USB cable (do you really need another one?), 128 MB CompactFlash card, and possibly the remote control. Make me an offer. I'd prefer to avoid eBay, after all.