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Archive for October, 2009

It's tough to imagine what in the world Sony was thinking with the PSP Go. This Ars Technica review sums it up pretty well. In the middle of a recession, Sony has released the most expensive portable system on the market, and as an added bonus the company seemed to go out of its way […]

I love my Harmon Kardon Soundsticks. The last time I wrote about them was in this post when I re-did my office (painted, curtains). The image from that post is: Today I was glad to see that someone else loves his Soundsticks too.

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Funny. It was the top item in the "related videos" on this video, which is worth watching as well.

Hockey Season

The 2009-10 hockey season kicks off tomorrow. The Penguins will raise their Stanley Cup banner and spend a few more minutes thinking about what they accomplished last year. How lame would it feel to be a new member of the team, watching the banner get raised? How lame is it that a few of the […]