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Archive for October, 2009

Einstein 640ws Monolight

I have two Alien Bee 400s, but I may just have to replace them with an Einstein 640ws in early 2010. Rob Galbraith shares more here.

Here's what I need to be able to do: Play video via Flash, including support for slow-speed and frame-by-frame playback. Position a second layer of Flash above the movie along with some basic drawing tools. Save the drawings (lines, circles, etc.) to the proper spots in the video in such a way that the drawing […]

I wonder if Snow Leopard's propensity for "losing" USB devices is related to the AppleEvents bug I wrote about yesterday. It seems like it could be, right? P.S. Snow Leopard lost my keyboard twice today. Both were coincidentally after I had switched Spaces with a keyboard shortcut (ctrl-1, -2, -3). Yesterday it lost my mouse […]

So five years ago I wrote a very short post at The Sand Trap detailing an interaction I had with an online retailer. It's here. Go ahead and read a few of the comments. I'll wait. Note how the guy was sued by the Illinois Attorney General late in 2007. The guy recently discovered this […]

As I tweeted, I'd like to host an online moderated chat tomorrow and I'm looking for some recommendations on some good websites to use. I'd like to host a chat tomorrow with two guests who can talk freely and x "viewers" who can ask (moderated) questions. Recommendations? The fall-back plan is to ditch the guests […]

iPhone Springboard Exposé

Yes, please! P.S. Isn't this more like "Spaces" than "Exposé," though? P.P.S. I also agree with this and disagree with Tog.

AppleEvents Bug FFFF

Aha! This explains why some of my AppleScripts have said they have "timed out." Specifically, I have an AppleScript that scrapes a few forums and opens every thread to the first unread post. It's a simple script but it still sends 10 to 20 "open URL" AppleEvents every time I run it (along with AEs […]

My DirecTV DVR Wishes

With two DirecTV DVRs, each having equalled and even surpassed the TiVo(s) they replaced, things have been going along swimmingly. We're recording everything we want, including Penguins hockey games, and not missing anything. But, as with all things tech, I'm not satisfied. There are two features I'd love to see implemented. The first is sharing […]

Fuji Instax Instant Camera

Tempting… And a buck a photo seems to be about the standard rate these days, huh? P.S. It's cheaper at Amazon and B&H of course.

Bad grammar and spelling on the Internet. I've called it a pet peeve. I've called it an occupational hazard. I can't and likely never will really "get over" it, but I do know that pointing out bad grammar and/or spelling to the author almost never results in a positive outcome. That said, I like the […]

Nobel Peace Prize 2009

Apparently, nowadays they just give these things out. I plan to apply next year. What exactly had Obama done by February 1 to warrant nomination? And cut the leftist hippie bull, John. Do you honestly believe that nobody else out there deserved it more on February 1, when nominations were due? Or even now? What […]

Adium 1.4b9 was released on August 21 of this year. Since then, no updates of any kind have been released. I use Adium because it works reasonably well, looks the way I like, and I chat with people on various networks (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, etc.) regularly. In later versions, however, I tend to wake […]


Smoking is already illegal in a lot of public places - even privately owned buildings like bars and things - in a lot of cities and states. The argument being that your right to wave your arms about ends at my nose. To be honest I think laws like this are fine, but I've intentionally […]

Pro Baseball Post-Scandals?

How's pro baseball holding up after the scandals? As a "fan" of the Pittsburgh Pirates I stopped watching baseball a long time ago. P.S. Good idea.

Can those of you with copies of Cyndicate try this please and report back? These are the commands you'll enter in the Terminal (with Cyndicate not running). If you're uncomfortable in the Terminal, skip this post entirely. First, note the size of your "Cyndicate.cyndata" file. % cd Library/Application\ Support/Cyndicate/Cyndicate.cyndata/ % sqlite3 dataStore.sql SQLite version 3.6.12 […]