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Archive for October, 2009

Of the first 50 of 100 things on this list, I particularly like the following ((All of the ones dealing with wine never come into play with me - I'm not much of a drinker.)): 7. Do not announce your name. No jokes, no flirting, no cuteness. 8. Do not interrupt a conversation. For any […]

JPG Magazine is Back

JPG is back (Issue 20 is now available). They're going all digital with print-on-demand for an extra fee. The stupid site now lists me as a "Subscriber since October 2009," which isn't right at all, but I don't care enough to bother their support people to have it corrected. I took advantage of a special […]

Obama’s Golf Schedule

I read the other day that Obama has played as much golf in eight months in office as George W. Bush played in eight years. Remember how Bush was forced to give up the game by the media because there was a war going on and it looked silly to play "so much" golf? And […]

QuickTime X Plugin

It's bad enough that the QuickTime X player is crap, but there's a work-around: use QuickTime Player 7 when you don't want to deal with QuickTime X. Unfortunately, on the Web, there's no such choice. You can't advance frame by frame, you can't control the volume, and there's a useless "rewind 30 seconds" button where […]

My AppleTV To-Do Item

I've heard good things about AppleTV 3.0 software. Something I need to do: check to see if an AppleTV can share its Internet connection with, say, a DirecTV receiver (via ethernet). If so, I'll strongly consider getting one for the bedroom. The living room TV has the Xbox 360 (with Rivet), so I don't need […]

Oglebay Resort

Palmer course has fairways that are too narrow with elevation changes that are too severe. How does water not drain off these slopes? It doesn't. Got sick and tired of swinging at golf balls at belt or knee level. Jones course has dumb greens starting at about the eighth hole. At least SOME of the […]

Is it normal for the Kindle edition of a book to be pricier than the hardcover version? That doesn't make any sense. I'd pre-order, but I don't want to spend more to get a DRMed book. I imagine this will be fixed, but November 12 is soon.

WordPress Stats on your iPhone

If you like to check your WordPress stats from your iPhone, you may like Statistics for WordPress, an iPhone app by Ben Barnett. He sent a copy to me for free. I added this blog quickly and then waited for the stats to download. They did, and they proved interesting, with a few different views […]

Lightroom 3 Public Beta

On a day when I hear that Aperture 3 will not ship until May, 2010 ((Don't believe it - it's just the far-in-the-distance date of an Aperture book, and not even soft proof of anything except a slip-up or a guess by someone at, Adobe offers up Lightroom 3.0 Public Beta. The download is […]

Microsoft in a Nutshell

Alternative title: "Everything Wrong with Microsoft": Seriously? P.S. Microsoft even poached store managers: Lisa at Apple, Lisa at MSFT (thanks ap).

So the wisdom teeth I said I needed to have removed? They came out today. I went with nitrous because it seemed like one of those decisions that you can regret later on… after it's too late. Turned out I really wouldn't have needed it at all. Both teeth popped out in about thirty seconds. […]

I like the recommendations. I've always used SoundTrack Pro, but I may look at getting a boom, an XLR mic, and the M-Audio stuff eventually. On the bright side, my wireless mic finally shipped. It should be here Monday.

Apple’s New Stuff

Let's see… I don't need an iMac. We have three laptops and one Power Mac already. I use my Xbox 360 and Rivet to stream movies and music and things to my TV, so I don't need a Mac Mini. We just got a MacBook, so we don't need that. A new remote? I can […]

If you are a Flash developer looking for a project, please get in touch with me. If you know a Flash developer looking for a project, please get in touch with me. 🙂 Thanks.

They're everywhere, I know. I wrote about some earlier ones here and today I discovered a new case in Preview. Dragging a proxy icon to the trash did nothing. But opening the trash and dragging the proxy icon to the trash can's window properly moved the file to the trash. Perhaps now that things like […]