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Archive for August, 2011

Mac O’Grady Shorts

Mac O’Grady Iron

Mac O’Grady 3W

Mac O’Grady Iron 2008

Support Sweetpea

If you're into indie film creation, you'd do well to pop on over to this Kickstarter page to support a project from a few friends called "Sweetpea" - a short western with a female lead role.

Mac O’Grady DTL

Steve Jobs Resigns

Perhaps the best way to consider the impact Steve Jobs has had on the lives of millions is to consider what the world would be like today if Gil Amelio had bought Be instead of NeXT back in 1996. Then triple that, because Steve started Apple back in the 1970s, and without that there'd have […]

Mac O’Grady Driver

Mac O’Grady Driver 2006

Mac O’Grady 7-Iron

Mac O’Grady 2008 #2

Mac O’Grady 2008 #2