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Archive for December, 2014

Aperture Exporter

Aperture Exporter turns a process into a few clicks. Supposedly. I still mostly hope that Apple will reconsider, but that is at about a 0.01% chance and shrinking… See also: Apple Stops Development of Aperture

DiskWarrior 5, Drive Genius 4

I've purchased both upgrades, though I think Drive Genius may not get re-upped for version 6. DiskWarrior is pretty safe though.

Mail to Self (iOS Extension)

Mail to Self Wonderfully useful. I email things to myself as a reminder to do something about them later. I used to iMessage myself, but this is even faster and easier. And I'm more likely to see an unread email.

Gruber/Benjamin Bond Anthology

The Talk Show Bond Anthology Six Colors: James Bond will return in 'Spectre'

Procrastinators Rejoice!

How speakers make sound.

Mythbusters on Gorilla Glass

The second half is better.

Blog anniversary

Well, it turns out I did remember. Happy 12th birthday, blog.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Six Colors: Amazon Fire TV Stick review We got one. I honestly didn't think it needed to be plugged in to a power source. I figured it either used its own little battery or got power from the HDMI port or something. That severely limits its usefulness.

Sorkin Sketch

Meh. It had its moments, but it was not particularly well done.

Two things for now: The window moves around so easily. I click to bring it to the front, move my mouse somewhere, and the window - for some reason - follows along. STOP THAT! Also, please stop pasting links as linked text. Nobody getting my iMessage on a phone is going to be able to […]

Gonna give Flashlight a try today based on this. Edit: Quick testing of the iMessages plugin have all failed. Hmmmm.

I knew how aperture worked (pinhole cameras), but I didn't think to make my own eyesight better by looking through a hole formed by my fingers!

Monument Valley

I bought the game mostly to show support against idiots going back and re-rating it with 1 star. Turns out it's a great game and worth multiples of the money I paid for it. Particularly if you have a Family Share plan set up. Monument Valley on the App Store on iTunes

Daylight Saving

Me, previously on this topic.

Dear Senator Ted Cruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works