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Radar Bug #12015296. Summary: Mail in Lion properly responded from the same email address that received the email. Mail in Mountain Lion does not and instead replies from the default email address, regardless of the setting(s) chosen in the preferences. Steps to Reproduce: 1. Have multiple email accounts, for example, and 2. Receive […]

iCal Keeps Launching

The fix? Turn off the "Push" setting. Thanks to MJTsai and others for this. P.S. I bought a license for Fantastical. Their 50% off deal got me.

Shift-Option for Finer Control

Michael Tsai shares the tip that holding down shift and option can control the volume level and brightness to a finer degree. Four extra steps, to be precise.

Decision: Refurbished Mac Pro

I decided to go with my "stopgap Mac" plan. I'll pick up a refurbished Mac Pro to tide me over until the new ones ship. Current rates are 15% off, which isn't terrible (nor is it great). I'll just move the hard drives over (and possibly the lower SuperDrive, as my current Mac Pro has […]

New Plan – Get a Stopgap Mac

New plan: Buy a Mac Pro that's Mountain Lion compatible, run it for a year or so, and see what the "new" Mac Pros are like. After all, I like my current setup just fine, and since I am not sure which way to go, I'll just defer. It's a bit of money to spend […]

I currently have four 3 TB drives. Peter contains my OS, home folder, etc. It is 1.1 TB currently. Harvey contains my Aperture vault, iMovie Events/Projects, and my Video folder (ripped DVDs and old home movies). It takes up 1.7 TB. Mimzy is my Time Machine drive, so it's basically full. Roger is a clone […]

iMac vs. MacBook Pro

I want to first thank everyone who has offered their help and guidance. I really, really appreciate your time and patience, and the sharing of opinions. It probably isn't fun for you, so I'm really glad that you take time out to help me. I'm still trying to decide whether to get a MacBook Pro […]

The Mac Pro option I mentioned in my previous post is either very close to having left or is on its way towards the door. I do not think the Mac Pro is going to be updated anymore, and I think the new models David Pogue was referring to are the iMacs. I think the […]

Today Apple announced three new MacBook models. They showed new details of Mac OS X 10.8 ("Mountain Lion"), due in July. They showed some awesome new stuff in iOS 6, due in the fall. They slyly updated the AirPort Express. They also slyly updated the Mac Pro. Unfortunately, "updated" in this case means "they threw […]

Buy Direct

Here's a quick list of reasons why you should buy direct rather than from the Mac App Store. And a few reasons why the opposite is true.

The Talk Show

A couple of links. I liked Dan Benjamin on the show. He and John had a great, unique chemistry together. I doubt very much I will listen to the new show.


Yay. It works really well, too.

I just discovered that my Mac Pro will not support Mountain Lion. Hey Apple: where the hell are the new Mac Pros? I do not want to buy a friggin' iMac.

If you get this error in Preview, quit Preview, trash this folder, and relaunch Preview: ~/Library/ Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

BetterZip 2

BetterZip 2 is out, and if you are not entirely content with the way Mac OS X handles zip archives (and more beyond that - including rar archives, cpgz archives, etc.) then you owe it to yourself to check it out. Their free QuickLook plugin for zip files is GREAT.