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Travel Day

Traveling back to PA today. For future reference, the trip really does take 10 hours.

Today I'll be driving to Southern Pines, NC. I'll be staying at The Markers Club and playing a whole lot of golf. Updates to this site will occur… less than regularly. When I return, I'm going to see if I can "fix" my iPhone ("Call Failed" when calls end, permanent red circle on Phone icon, […]


I dislocated my shoulder in college playing racketball. I should dig up the X-Rays - they're kind of bizarre, what with my right arm coming out of my sternum and all.

Trading Up

I'm reading the book Trading Up right now. It was $1 at Borders and for that little I figured I couldn't go wrong. The book talks about the "New Luxury" consumer - the guy or gal willing to spend a little more in certain areas of their life that they deem important (usually on a […]

Complete with tracking!

Easy Money

The Steelers are a 4½-point favorite over the Browns. Go with the Steelers to cover. Easy money. Update 09/09: Toldja.

Stolen iPod Content?

NBC, in their counter-counter-press-release on the $4.99 iTunes videos, has again alleged that most content on iPods is stolen1. It's an offensive claim first made, I believe, by Microsoft. None of the content on my iPods is stolen. None. So, here's the question to you all: What percentage of content (by count) on your iPod […]

I wasn't brought up to necessarily be "courteous" to people. Manners weren't beat into my head or anything; they were simply expected. Awareness and thoughtfulness weren't mandates, but rather part of "standard operating procedure." I used to think the lack of common courtesy and manners was a younger generation issue, but lately I'm not so […]

The megamatch at Whispering Woods (McDowell's home course) is coming up soon. It's going to be tough. I figure the over-under on average score is about 90 and the average number of lost balls per golfer is probably 3.1. I'll take the over. Good luck, guys.

Barry Bonds: Good or Bad?

Barry Bonds used to play in Pittsburgh. It's incredibly obvious to me and virtually everyone outside of the San Francisco Bay area that Bonds took some sort of drugs - be they steroids, human growth hormone, or something else - to enhance his performance on the baseball field. Though he technically didn't "cheat" because he's […]

Flag Etiquette

Natalie Gulbis won her first LPGA tournament last weekend in France. In the post-round celebration, she was posed on a stool holding the trophy. The problem is, she's also sitting on a U.S. flag which is displayed upside down and touching the ground. This triple breach of etiquette has been talked about in a few […]

Haircuts at Home

Does anyone get haircuts at home? I don't know a hairdresser, but Carey and I are considering buying one of those machines (like the "Flowbee"). My current barber almost never cuts my hair as short as I like and he never gets the fade in the back correct, and I'd rather not pay $15 to […]

Carey and I watched some home-flipping show on HGTV. A woman there claimed her job title was "Director of First Impressions" for a few Nashville-area radio stations. In other words, she's a receptionist. 😛

Do you give a shit about Harry Potter? Yes No View Results I don't.

I need to create a digitized embroidery file (".dst" file) for some embroidery work. I can have this done for me at a cost of $100, but I'm hoping someone will know of a more cost effective way to do this. I doubt there's a Mac solution available, but I'm able to run Windows XP […]