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Mmmm, Chrome

And a whopping 11 MPG to boot!

Morning Sunlight

My building in Florida was the typical Florida-type apartment. Sometimes it could actually look good, though!

Empty Apple Store

Have you ever seen an empty Apple Store? Of course, this is the old variety: wood floors, corian tables. The new (slate/wood) is soooo much cooler. P.S. In case you couldn't tell, I'm trying to help Chris find a bug in Photon. I like it but have a few suggestions, including a template to edit […]

PNC Park 3

Just giving Photon a try… I've already bought it, so I hope it's worthwhile. 🙂 Eh, it's OK. It could use a little more customization - the title of this post is kind of silly, and I of course can't edit this text. I'm doing so after the fact. I think it missed posting the […]