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Blu-Ray Price Drop

Blu-Ray players dropped recently, like the Sony BDP-S300 down to $299, but comments like this at Amazon will have me holding off a little while longer: I recently purchased a bdp s300 to go with my new 46 inch sony flat panel tv. Well I found out the hard way that each issue of a […]

PHP RSS Parser

For a few years now, The Sand Trap has used MagpieRSS ((I'm not even going to link to it.)) to handle a few of the RSS feeds on the site. In recent months, it's been acting very flaky. A few weeks ago, I searched for some PHP XML processors. Most seemed to involve PEAR and […]

Tried Twitter, Hate Errors

I gave Twitter an honest shot (I'm "iacas"). Can't say I'll be using it. The only way I'd probably ever use Twitter is via Twitterrific, but I can't stand the Twitter "overloaded" errors. I would have happily paid the $14.95 ((The only tweak I'd like to see made to Twitterrific is to make the "new" […]

No iPhone Hacking for Me

You know, since "switching" to AT&T from CellularOne, I haven't felt the need to hack my iPhone (like this tutorial for installing apps on 1.1.2). Not even a little bit. It's just so much hassle for very little real gain. I'm perfectly content to wait to see what might be possible come February '08, and […]

Today the Time-Warner technician came to the house to look into the slow, dodgy Internet connection I've had for the past few months. The first thing we did was provision a new modem. I owned my old one and I own the new one. The old one was a Motorola Surfboard 4100. Though it still […]

Microsoft Points

I just read the Wikipedia entry on Microsoft Points. I remember hearing quite awhile ago that they'd chosen the point values so that you were always likely to have some left over that you'd want to use - I believe that referred to their music service. The Wikipedia entry makes a compelling argument that it […]

If you have an Xbox Live account (my "gamertag" appears in the right-hand column, currently), please be aware that Microsoft is set to thoroughly abuse your privacy and the privacy of your friends: After the software update to Xbox in early December, you will be able to meet new friends by browsing the Friends lists […]

My brother-in-law came over last night and we played Mario Strikers (for Wii) for most of the evening, then jumped into a little Wii Sports. I had previously imported Brandon's Mii character onto my Wii, so he played as his Mii in bowling, tennis, and so on. Unfortunately, though Brandon is a "pro" bowler at […]

Roundabout with AT&T

In the mail today I got a pair of envelopes from AT&T. I thought they were the rebate forms for the two RAZRs we have on our three-member Family Talk plan. I had previously noticed online that two of our accounts had the Roadside Assistance ($2.99) on it. I called and had that removed a […]

Kindle Up in Smoke?

Does anyone think Amazon's Kindle is a good idea? Anyone at all? Update: Yup.

My iPhone has been restored and is now set up with AT&T. I've verified that the EDGA data works (it's not too bad), and that everything is properly set up. Tomorrow I'll call CellularOne to make sure they know we've "switched" ((In quotes because CellularOne == AT&T at this point.)). I don't plan to do […]

CellularOne/AT&T Update

The manager of a local CellularOne office today told me a few interesting things: The merger officially "closed" (went through, finished, completed) yesterday. As soon as early December, CellularOne here will be running two systems - AT&T's and theirs, I assume - and should be able to set up iPhone accounts. I can "switch" now, […]

I had a gift card for Circuit City, so ever since a few days ago I've been playing around with a Garmin Nüvi 200W GPS. Three of the first four locations I tried to find in Erie weren't listed in the mapping software - including the Circuit City where I bought the darn thing. Being […]

DirecTV Now On Demand

A few weeks ago (I think), I noticed a new menu item in my DVR: "On Demand." My HR-20 HD DVR (from DirecTV) has always worked pretty well, so I haven't visited since shortly after getting the HR-20 (and comparing it to my TiVo). I'm not sure how long VOD has been available, but […]

Got a New A/V Receiver

Over six years ago, when I purchased ((On Microsoft's dime.)) my first home audio setup from a Best Buy in Boca Raton, my needs were fairly simple: an optical port or two for a PS2 and a DVD player were all I needed, and something that could do surround sound. Six years, a few moves, […]