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Michael Malloy

When that failed, they decided that it was unlikely that anything Malloy ingested was going to kill him, so the Murder Trust decided to freeze him to death. On a night when the temperature reached -14 °F (-26 °C), Malloy drank until he passed out, was carried to a park, dumped in the snow, and had five gallons (19 L) of water poured on his bare chest. Nevertheless, Malloy reappeared the following day for his drink. The next attempt on his life came when they hit him with Green's taxi, moving at 45 miles per hour (72 km/h). This put Malloy in the hospital for three weeks with broken bones. The gang presumed he was dead but was unable to collect the policy on him. When he again appeared at the bar, they decided on one last approach.

New Balance Hi-Rez Running Shoe

Best Trail Running Shoes of Outdoor Retailer Summer 2012


I wear TRUE shoes everywhere, but these might be nice for wearing around the house or something… 😉

I’m 35

I guess I can't tell people I'm still in my "early 30s" anymore, can I?


AI Learns to Play Super Mario Brothers

Stock Effects in Final Cut Pro X

I'm seriously considering purchasing Final Cut Pro X, but I have one quick question: how good are the stock effects (title screens, lower thirds type stuff/chirons, etc.)?

iMovie is fine for basic stuff, but at the end of the day everybody knows you've used iMovie.

Does Final Cut Pro X come with a decent selection of stock effects, transitions, title screens, etc.?

Update: I'm a moron. There's a free trial. Duh.

Troubleshooting Safari Beachball Issues: How? Help Needed?

The Sand Trap, a forum I own but which also runs on a platform that I can't tweak myself, has been having some weird issues lately.

As few as two or three web pages will beachball Safari. Scrolling via any method (keyboard shortcuts, clicking in the scroll bar, two-finger scrolling) often fails, pages won't load graphics outside of their original viewing size when you can scroll, the app will repeatedly ask to reload all available tabs even when there are two or three tabs open and you simply click "reload" in one of them, etc.

If I su to root and run fs_usage | grep PAGE you can see that something in the pages is causing

I've tried disabling plugins. I've tried disabling extensions. The latter didn't work at all, and the former seemed to work1 before it became obvious that it did not. So it doesn't appear to be a Flash issue, though it may boost the odds slightly.

This only happens, seemingly, to administrators. It seems to behave normally for others (moderators, regular users, guests).

So my question: how do I troubleshoot this? How can I find out what script or whatever is causing the problem? Giving what seems to be a memory explosion, is it possible to find out what's causing Safari to beachball with often very few web pages open?

  1. Though I was already nervous and thus opening fewer pages at a time. []

St. Patrick’s Day 2013

Happy March 17. Last year it was almost 80°. Today the temperature in Fahrenheit is closer to the date (the 17th).

Great Piece on the Mac Pro’s Halo Effect

Hypercritical: The Case for a True Mac Pro Successor.

I had to get a "stopgap" Mac Pro last year.

Mini DV to iMovie

I've got about 100 MiniDV tapes I'd like to import. Ideally they'll simply end up as one movie file per tape.

But the method for importing seems to be a rather obnoxious one. Importing (even automatically) is a real-time process, and that's fine, except then you're left with a ton of .dv files - some literally zero bytes in length, often named poorly - and you have to add them to an iMovie project just to export them back out again.

I wish there was a way to pop a tape in the player, click an "Import" button, and have an H.264 file created (ideally skipping any empty parts on the tape).

Or does this exist? I'm willing to pay.

Pi Day 2013

Just think - next year we'll have an entire pi MONTH!

SAM PuttLab Timing

March 2013 SpamSieve Stats

Last done in October

Filtered Mail
352,864 Good Messages
480,325 Spam Messages (58%)
153 Spam Messages Per Day

SpamSieve Accuracy
1,443 False Positives
3,748 False Negatives (72%)
99.4% Correct

12,540 Good Messages
15,326 Spam Messages (55%)
1,247,312 Total Words

33 Blocklist Rules
10 Whitelist Rules

Showing Statistics Since
8/24/04 8:00pm

How Miguel Ended Up with a Mac

How I ended up with Mac - Miguel de Icaza is worth reading. It's short. 🙂

PGA Level 1

Sometime in April I'm going to Florida to complete my Level 1 training in the antiquated system the PGA has set up for progressing through its apprentice levels. 😛


Open and Closed in Computing

Read this if you want a reasonably intelligent observation of "open" and "closed" in the computing space; in particular, as it applies to Apple.