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Apple’s CarPlay in a Ferrari

Unfortunately, I doubt my 2014 Kia Sorento SX will be offer a firmware update to replace UVO with CarPlay. I'd probably pay a decent amount if it was possible, though…

tcsh to bash 10 Years: It's been 10 years this month since "upgrade from tcsh to bash" was placed on my to-do list. It's starting to look hopeless. I still use tcsh. Yeah, whatevs.

The Real Story Behind Apple's 'Think Different' Campaign - Forbes Jobs was quiet during the pitch, but he seemed intrigued throughout, and now it was time for him to talk. He looked around the room filled with the "Think Different" billboards and said, "This is great, this is really great … but I can't do […]

“Insanely Great” Book

Is this worth buying? Insanely Great: The Life and Times of Macintosh, the Computer that changed Everything eBook: Steven Levy: Kindle Store Edit: Never mind. The Kindle version was only $4.99. Duh.

Creating Animated GIFs for Documentation - David Smith Step 1: Record using QuickTime Player Step 2: Convert using GIF Brewery Step 3: Profit!

30 Years of Mac

Michael Tsai - Blog - 30 Years of Mac is well worth a read, if for no other reason than it links to the mac-icon-standard.ttf font first reported by Greg Barbosa (from Apple) (more here). Many of the links are worth following as well, including this one. And duh, the Apple page is here. P.S. […]

Review & Outlook: Apple's Star Chamber - Which gets to the heart of this bizarre case: The numbers show that, far from hurting the market, the publishers' and Apple's agency model actually helped it. They allowed Barnes & Noble to gain a foothold in the e-book market, provided relief to the independent brick-and-mortar stores, […]

GenieGo Volume Adjustment

The GenieGo application for Mac OS X is reasonably good, but adjusting its volume adjusts your system volume… which makes working while you're trying to watch a show quietly in the background rather annoying, since ALL of your system sounds are now quieter.

When I last blogged about this, back in 2006 (!!), we were only on round 12. TextExpander was only at version 1.3 (!!). Today I got an email announcing TextExpander 4.2.1, so I checked it out. I'm trying it, and thus far, I'm liking it. It expands every time so far, and the only missing […]

Your Verse

The site: Apple - iPad - What will your verse be The video ad:

John Siracusa graded Apple's year based on his list from February 2. You'll have to click through to read his thoughts, but his grades and any short comments I have are below:


Every now and then I feel like I "miss" MacsBug, but really I am just remembering an earlier OS. In no way do I actually miss MacsBug.

Review & Outlook: Apple's Star Chamber: Judge Cote's injunction gave Apple until January 14, 2014 to overhaul its antitrust compliance and training procedures, a process that is underway. But in late October Mr. Bromwich began an open-ended, roving investigation of Apple. He demanded immediate interviews starting in November with every top Apple executive and board […]

A 27-year-old Mac Plus Surfs the Web

How I introduced a 27-year-old computer to the Web.

Drobo Labels on Mavericks

It looks like nobody at Drobo anticipated (or cares about) the change to labels in Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks). This is the installer disk image for Drobo Dashboard.

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