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When Safari Crashes…

… and it doesn't happen frequently, mind you, but when it does, why does it often take minutes for it to be able to reconnect to websites? Other things can connect - I can ping sites in Terminal - but Safari sputters and refuses to connect to even for seconds or even minutes sometimes.

Susan Kare Original Mac Prints

Oooooh, awesome! I'm thinking that one of these and of course one of these at a minimum. And since I'll likely find a way to acquire those, those who love me might want to look at this or this in the 17" x 22" sizes... Very cool, anyway. Even if I don't have the wall […]

Kiwi Twitter Client

Downloaded Kiwi the other day for Twitter. I'm still using Tweetie because it handles multiple accounts quite nicely and in a compact interface. Not a fan of Kiwi, and don't care about themes. Tweetie works well but I'd really, really, really like to see Tweetie 2.0. I know that may not occur given that the […]

A friend needs a Mac laptop (and not the Air). The last MacBook release was May of 2010. The last MacBook Pro release was April 2010. According to the Buyer's Guide lists both as "don't buy" right now. It's awfully close to Christmas… and today's announcement is from iTunes (about the Beatles I'd guess)… so […]

Choosing a Base Station

Why, why, why won't Mac OS X let you choose which base station you connect to? The signal strength to my "Upstairs" base station is much stronger than to my "Basement" one, yet my Mac Pro (second floor) insists on connecting to the one with the weaker signal. At times, my "Transmit Rate" will drop […]

BTW, Not All is Bad with Mail

Please don't assume from my previous post that everything with Mail was poor. In fact, I like a few things about Mail. I like that keyboard shortcuts like option-delete will delete whole words. I like that emacs key bindings work. I like the extensibility (specifically Herald), and I like that the dock icon works, SpamSieve […]

A little over a year ago I briefly wrote about a bug with Spaces. Essentially, if I switch spaces (either directly to a space with the number keys or by using the arrow keys to slide to the next or previous space), the keyboard shows a high likelihood of dying. When my mouse finally died […]

Mail Frustration

Holy bejeezus this conversion to Mail is painful. In no particular order, some thoughts. I miss categories and their coloring already. I have to constantly confirm what mailbox I'm in by looking to the left. It's weird that Mail has to "load" messages when I click to another mailbox. I can see the list being […]

Switching to Mail

For a long, long time I've used Microsoft's email client. Why? I was content with it, as it most functioned like Claris Emailer. It had great keyboard shortcuts (or where not great, familiar), it had wonderful AppleScript support (as I've come to find out, better than Mail), and it had categories which I used primarily […]

Don’t Want Rosetta, Never Did

Does anyone know of a way to find for Rosetta software that's still on your system so that you can remove it? I've never installed Rosetta. I delete software that asks me to install Rosetta (or, where possible, download an updated version). Did you install it? I had no real reason not to - it […]

iLife ’11

I've bought my copy. Family pack. Looking forward to it. Will have more to say about the Mac App store tomorrow. Sneak peek: not really looking forward to it.

Multi-Account Twitter Apps for the Mac

Are there any? I want to be able to log into several Twitter accounts, each with their own timelines and things, and be able to post to them separately. Currently the only way I can really think to do this is to have one app for each account running. Surely there's a single app out […]

Netflix Streaming Video App

You know what I'd like? A Netflix streaming video app. Version 1.0 might be nothing more than a WebKit view that automatically takes you to your streaming queue and resizes the window a bit or employs some CSS tricks to play with the positioning so that you get mostly video playback in your viewer window. […]

Copy Mod Date to Created Date

I recently had an application wipe the creation date from about 2000 files, but leave the modification date intact. I was able to create a quickie AppleScript that relies on SetFile and GetFileInfo, a pair of CLI tools installed with the Developer Tools. It's mostly here for my own use later on. I find myself […]

BBEdit vs. TextMate

I've never gotten into TextMate. In Xcode I use the editor included there and all other times, use BBEdit. TextMate 2.0 is still not here while BBEdit has been updated a few times since 2.0 was first talked about, so I'm wondering if people are still as crazy for TextMate or if, due to the […]

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