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2006 Mac Pro Video Card Dies

A few years ago I replaced the piece-of-shit ATI Radeon X1900 XT in my Mac Pro. Lately, following reboots and other things which cause the display to go black (I've not tried sleep), the display will remain black. The white LED is on, the computer boots normally, and the display simply remains dark. Rebooting a […]

MacRabbit Rocks

Just a shout out to a good guy in the Mac world - MacRabbit rocks. I use CSSEdit nearly every day and Espresso is a great tool for web development. Give Jan's products a try and I'm sure you'll be impressed with the style and functionality.

The 10.6.3 update may have fixed the AppleEvents Timing Out bug, but one bug that's still around is the Spaces bug I described here. Essentially, if I use ctrl-1 to ctrl-3 to move between my Spaces, quite often the keyboard will stop accepting input (or the OS will stop accepting input from the keyboard) until […]

Steve Jobs at D8 Conference

Steve Jobs is almost mind-blowingly, well, Jobsian in his D8 conference. The full 100-minute video is a free download from iTunes.

Mac OS X Terminal Tricks

Courtesy of Super User: Some good ones in there, along with some goofy ones. BTW, opensnoop, cool.

I downloaded an application called "Watts" from Binary Tricks because I was hopeful it might help me to solve an issue I've been having with my MacBook Pro. Basically, my battery will get to about 75 or 78 percent or so, then shut down. Not go to sleep - just die immediately and without warning. […]

Safari Extensions

I'm digging the world of Safari Extensions. There's a good site at that's likely going to be the go-to resource. However, I'm going to take it easy on the Extensions I install, as even early testing indicates that a poorly coded extension can easily lead to crashing Safari. I have installed and enabled FaceBlock, […]

I've recently come to the nearly final conclusion that the hinge in the MacBook is affecting the AirPort card. A loose wire or a loose connection somewhere is likely at fault, because when the screen is in a range of about +/- 20° from a right angle to the keyboard portion, the wireless signal seems […]

My wife's computer - a MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008) - has recently had a hard time with the AirPort card. After waking it from a sleep once, she told me that she couldn't connect. The network settings said the AirPort was off, but clicking "On" didn't do anything. She's running 10.6.3. I tried creating […]

ClickToFlash Dead?

Is ClickToFlash dead? Where are the updates? I know there are a few later betas to be found in the forum, but momentum for the main page of the site has completely halted lately. 1.6b9 has issues. 1.5.5 isn't great either. C'mon, Wolf (et al).


AirPortLocation is a pretty nifty utility that can change a lot of preference settings depending on your physical location. I'm using it because at home my MacBook Pro uses a pre-determined IP address while at the Golf Evolution studio I use whatever DHCP address the Verizon MiFi assigns to my computer. I'll also use it […]


Somehow, my /System/Library/Extensions folder has grown to 214 items. Just curious - how many do you have on your computer? How in the world do I know if I need to load all of these? Can you clean some out? Why would you need or want to? FWIW, /Library/Extensions is empty. Again, how many do […]

Off the FileMaker Train

Today I'm off the Filemaker train. The only thing for which I've used FileMaker in the past decade has been to archive some email. I have email dating back to 1996 in FileMaker databases. Do you know how often I've looked at the emails? Never. Monday to Friday I open a single FileMaker database and […]

Anyone out there use DiskWarrior for preventative maintenance or simple optimization? Disk Utility just found some errors in my boot volume that will necessitate a restart (and likely Firewire disk mode simply so I can run Disk Utility repair on the other volumes too), so I'll probably also run DiskWarrior when that's done just to […]

10.6.3 and AppleScript Error

Still not fixed. I'm afraid to try the Spaces bug, but I have a hunch that's still broken too. Update: Nope, not fixed. Booo. Update #2: These bugs.

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