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Forbes Don’t Know Jack

From this article comes this quote: The next time you check your e-mail and want to curse the lowlife responsible for all that unwanted commercial e-mail--aka spam--you might start cursing into a mirror. Hate the sender all you want, the sad fact is that you may very well be the person ultimately responsible for the […]


I switch someone to a Mac nearly every time I work. Granted, I only work one or two days a week, and still for the benefits, but it's pretty interesting stuff. I've read a bunch of stuff about how "oh, those Switch ads aren't working" or "the market share isn't rising" or whatever. I'll tell […]

Pretend You’re a Hoodlum

Want to pretend you're Madonna, Beck, No Doubt, or Tony Hawk? Apple now lets you. Get 'em while they're hot, kids.

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