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History of ClarisWorks

I consider myself a fan of history. Not the dates and other stuff rotely memorized by high school and college peons, errr, students, but the stories, the people, the psychology of it all. I like to get beneath the history, and down to the people. Down to the nitty gritty. As this pertains to Apple, […]

My iTunes

Thanks to some inspiration from What Do I Know .org, I've now got a list of my most recent 42 iTunes songs on this site. Yeah, I borrowed some of the CSS too. It's okay. It's the Web! 🙂

On Being Like Apple

Joel ("that" Joel) has an interesting article about the differences between Apple's "we'll surprise you" product releases and Microsoft's "yeah, it's coming... in a few years" methodology. He makes a few good points about competition and disappointing customers that have made me rethink how I handle the customer relations for Freshly Squeezed Software. I'll have […]

Mac OS X 10.3

From an unnamed source comes this, ahem, "gem:" 10.3 will be released later this year. It will move wholly to a metal-like interface, used consistently. It will feature a completely new (journaled) filesystem. The dock will be revised to allow more options, including a feature to put it into the menu bar (rather like LaunchBar). […]

Safari Skyrockets

Safari usage has skyrocketed across the Web. Have a look at John Gruber's statistics, and then compare them to mine (I've pared mine down to just the Mac clients). The past 24 hours: Navigator/Mozilla 22 Omn 82 Chimera 234 Safari 969 The numbers speak for themselves, I guess. Perhaps tabs really aren't that important. What […]

DMG Thoughts

Steven and John carry on a brief conversation about DMG (disk image) files on Mac OS X. The comments are interesting as well, so read up, boy (girl)! Personally, my software company distributes software on DMG, and we haven't had any apparent lost sales. Unfortunately, I have to say apparent because we don't know how […]

Lameass Shareware

Y'know, I'm really sick of lameass shareware that should be freeware. C'mon, how long did this product really take to create? Three hours? As someone's "Gonna Teach Myself Some Cocoa" project? Please. $49 for a "site license?" Some people are just off their rocker.

iLife vs. Office

I previously wrote in Apple Embraces the Open Format Movement on this very site about how the iLife apps all seem to be using a much more "open format" for their documents, allowing other apps to "grab on" and extend on the iLife applications. Today, I realized that this truth is even conveyed in the […]

On Browsing Tabs

The lack of tabs in Safari has prompted several people to declare "now that I'm used to no tabs, I find I don't miss them." Case in point: I have been using Safari as my default web browser for the last three days. One thing has become very clear to me since then - I […]

Mega Hurts

Follow this link and you'll find some tests which show how "slow" the Mac really is these days. My take? Who cares. Create a professional looking DVD on a PC using freeware (or provided) tools and your own video. How long - and how frustrating - will that take you on a PC? How long […]

It’s Not About Beating Microsoft

From Chuq comes this: Apple isn't about beating Microsoft; the day for that is long past, and the only company that can do that is Microsoft. It's about being successful at being Apple. Steve understands this; most pundits don't. Most of the punditry surrounding Apple is really out of date. If it were translated to […]

Safari Does OK

According to this chart, Safari does pretty well on the whole CSS thing. The number of red and grey boxes on Omn's side of things really hurts, and ties into an earlier thread about Omn potentially using Apple's WebCore in Omn 5.0. Ken Case offered gracious thanks to Apple for WebCore, and Dave Winer misinterpreted. […]


The iTrip is a potentially great product for the iPod. I think I want one. No wait, I don't, because the damn thing seems to block the Firewire port. What good is a car charger if you can't use it or if you've got to be swinging the damn iFell, err, iTrip out of the […]


Jason Kottke has one of the best ideas ever. And one of the worst. It's the same idea! It's even better - and worse - than chocolate covered cherries (ooh, that reminds me, I still have two left!): integrate Sherlock and Safari or don't integrate Sherlock and Safari! It may not sound like much, but […]

On a scale of "Evil Behavior" from 1 to 100, Microsoft may sit at about an 85. One of Microsoft's many flaws is in integrating "core" applications so tightly that it's tough for a competitor to sneak in. Their browser is so closely tied to the OS that they (wrongly) lied and said that it […]