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Drag a Text Link in Safari

Look at what happens when you drag a link (text link, anyway) in Safari! Woooooooooo. This, just after I post a link about how Apple "gets it." Yes, they do. They get the fact that a nice little touch like this can make me like a browser a little bit more. It adds to my […]

Apple “Gets It”

From an article titled Apple Gets It (yes, I filched it!), comes some common sense commentary about how Apple simply "understands" good design, good software, and good computing. A couple of engineers at work today dismissed the new releases, saying, "a web browser and a presentation tool? So what? I have those already." Well, I […]

Sunken Metal Widgets Bug

Just uncovered a "problem" with those metal widgets that are "sunk" into the metal. Closing a window in the background with those metal widgets causes that app to become the frontmost application. Try it in Safari. Try it in iCal. Try it in calculator (but note that Calculator quits when you close its window, but […]

Find in Safari

You can find (cmd-F) in your Safari bookmarks, and it searches your history and all sorts of other places. It seems to search the titles of the bookmarks (and your history), but that's okay. Wow. I hadn't noticed that until I read this. Thanks Scot!

Apple’s Unique Position

Here is more crap about Apple and Mac OS X on Intel chips. I say "more crap" because I've yet to come across a really good reason why Apple should move to Intel chips (this article provides nothing new, either). But one thing did occur to me: Apple is in a pretty unique position. How […]

YA Safari Post

Here's my "yet another Safari post" post. First, some interesting links. This link shows an email sent by Don Melton, the engineering manager of Safari, to the KDE KHTML team (the rendering engine on which Safari is built). In it, he introduces his team, including David Hyatt, formerly of Netscape and Chimera but now of […]

MSN on the New PowerBooks

Leave it to MSN to say something as stupid as this: Side by side, the two computers bear an uncanny resemblance to this year's hot cars, the Hummer 2 and the Mini. Read the full article here.

Macworld Expo and Switchers

As some people know, I work part time at an Apple store. It's a good way to keep a pulse on the "community" of Mac users (and believe me, if you bought as much Apple hardware as I did in a year, you too would work 5-10 hours a week for the discounts). A community […]

Quit Yer Bitchin’

"If gas prices followed the inflation rate, we'd be paying $4/gallon these days. So shut your piehole and stop yer bitchin'." I consider that some of the sagest advice I ever received (especially the piehole part). It's advice that pops into my head every time someone chooses to whine about the cost of owning a […]

C|Not: $50 iApps

C|Net and (.com) are not really known for their "stellar reporting." The latest proof that they've got "great consultants" comes from this article, entitled "Apple Preparing New Upgrade Fees." Let's have a look at the first quote: "Windows users are not making the switch as Apple had hoped, and now the company is pulling […]

How to Tell Chimera is Taking Off

Want a quick way to gauge just how popular Chimera is becoming? Just look at the number of Mac sites that are sporting "favico.ico" files. Favorite icons - previously a Windows IE-only thing - are now available to Mac users via Chimera. This site doesn't have one (yet), but and do.

MWSF Predictions

I am blogging this just so I can go back to it and look at how many things they got wrong. An iPDA? Apple buys Xerox? Those seemed the most laughable. But we'll see who's wearing the egg in a week or so... I wish I was going. The shows are always interesting, after all. […]

Crufty UI… Or Not

There's an interesting article here on le blog de Matthew Thomas that talks about "interface cruft." Unfortunately, I don't quite agree with all of his ideas, but his article did what I consider as the primary purpose of a good article: it sparked a lot of thought in me, the reader (and in him, the […]

Apple, like any technology company, always applies for patents. They get hundreds granted to them every year (rightfully or not). Regardless, this little patent is interesting, and so far, has an interesting thread of comments. I just wonder, given that your computer would try to be the same general color as your desktop, if people […]

Raskin’s, Uhhh, “Vision”

From the "Should I Care?" department comes this gem: Jef Raskin, creator of "Macintosh," has begun work on an open source GUI to replace Aqua on Mac OS X. He's called it the. Yeah, that's a proper sentence... His project is called "THE" - an acronym for "The Humane Environment." How much advice should we […]