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More Tabbed Safari Mockups

Still looking for some more tabbed Safari mockups? Check out this page, then, to get your Monday fix.

Subjective C and Silly Customers

Says Steven: I think there should be a programming language called Subjective-C. Boolean operations would return different results depending on who was using your program. I sometimes wish I could remotely disable my software on a customer's computer, offer the customer a refund, and say "thanks for being the stupidest customer alive - we don't […]

Hyatt Ponders RSSafari

David Hyatt, former Mozilla/Chimera über-nurb and current Safari nurb-extraordinaire, ponders the merging of RSS aggregators and browsers. It's awesome that David - in public view no less - is considering these things. And to you tabbed browsing fans, David gives you some hope, saying "tabs provide one with a means of efficiently handling a lot […]

Terragen for Mac OS X

I've just spent a few hours playing around with the public beta of Terragen for Mac OS X. Terragen, as you can see to the right, is a 3D landscape thing. If you remember Bryce, you'll understand Terragen. Though pretty simple (i.e. no trees), Terragen offers a wide variety of options. The interface is a […]

Buy iLife, Support Apple?

Shawn writes in this entry that he doesn't intend to buy iLife. Why? Because he only uses iTunes and iPhoto. I'm going to buy iLife... but I use iDVD (not so much iMovie, since I've got Final Cut Pro). In fact, my project this weekend was going to be to archive some West Wing episodes […]

Nearly Two Years

I just realized that it's been nearly two years since we've gotten a new version of Internet Explorer. Two freakin' years! Actually, it's been longer if you count the version that shipped with public beta. Sure, we've had some security updates here and there, but where is IE 5.5 or 6.0? Over two years! That's […]

Happy Birthday, Macintosh!

Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Macintosh Happy birthday to you… …and maaaaaany mooooooooore! Today is the Mac's 19th birthday. As I sit here staring at my 23" LCD attached to a dual 800 MHz G4 with 1.5 GB RAM about 15 peripherals, all running on a Unix-based OS for […]

Safari, BBEdit AppleScript

I'm a big fan of AppleScript. After all, I do run AppleScript Central. So when things like this article pop up on the Web, I take note. Truth is, I've been using a similar AppleScript for a few weeks now (wow, Safari has been out that long?). Here it is:

Disconcerting Trash Behavior

Move some files to an empty trash can on Mac OS X. Hit cmd-Z (undo). The "empty trash" sound plays as if it just deleted your files! Luckily, they're simply moved back. Sure, the trash is "emptied" but not in a way that should play that sound! Update: Blame Unsanity for their Xounds. It's what's […]

A Bit Late: Apple Store Video

I've removed a paragraph and the link to the video, because of the massive MT bug. The video was shot on a Sony DSR PD-150 as well as a cheap-o consumer camera. 15 hours of footage were condensed to the five minutes you'll see if you watch. Final Cut Pro, two pizzas, six Cokes (me), […]

The Cost of Free Software (Again)

Steven, hours after my post on the topic, has blogged thusly: More importantly, after marathon discussions at work, I think we are close to cracking the nut on what we should do about this 9,000-pound elephant in our pool. The solution that we seem to be arriving at is surprisingly obvious, but it took many […]

7 Minutes Remaining

Seems Mike Pinkerton has cut his 15 minutes of whining short. Good for him. I'm posting this because I took him to task a bit in my blog a few days ago, and I believe that, having readjusted his attitude, he's now redeemed himself a little. Not fully, because public bitching and whining is always […]

iApps Weren’t Free?

If this article at ThinkSecret, which states that the decision to make the iApps (all but iDVD anyway) free downloads was a last-minute decision made in response to pressure from message boards and email, is accurate, this tells me two things> Apple is listening to feedback, even through non-standard channels, more closely than ever. Good, […]

Cocoa v. REALbasic

Matt's got an interesting article up at his blog about the difference between Cocoa and REALbasic. I've written articles about this in the past (one was taken down when I restructured Cocoa Dev Central, some others might be found at MacOpinion). Matt asks the simple questions: Which is easier to learn, which is better, and […]

Your 15 Minutes – Of Whining

It would that some people continue to need a bit of a reality check. What follows was spoketh by a Chimera developer following the release of Safari: I'm torn about what to do with Chimera. It's obvious it will only ever be a marginal product on a even more marginal platform. AOL and Netscape have […]