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Net Neutrality

This is the first - and may be the only - post I make on Net Neutrality. I've not followed the issue like I should, but having done a little reading on it, my opinions are pretty clear. More here. Thanks Jesper. P.S. When I'd finished watching this video on YouTube, "House Rejects Net Neutrality" […]

For about a year now I've used the "official" Touareg-iPod connector from Apple and VW. It works most of the time, but "works" means: No ID3 tags or any song/artist/album info on the LCD. No way to select individual songs. Certainly no way to see any graphics (or video). Limited to five playlists (button 6 […]

For as long as Carey and I have been on the same cell phone plan with Cellular One, receiving text messages has been free. Sending them has always cost $0.10. I send Carey text messages during the day with ideas for dinner, schedules for the evening, etc. She could read them and save them without […]

As I've mentioned before, I recently ditched my old Series 2 DirecTiVo unit in exchange for a DirecTV-powered HD DVR. TiVo and DirecTV severed their relationship earlier this year. The HR20-700s is one of DirecTV's first hardware offerings in TiVo's place. The HR20 has had a lot of problems. Those who think back to the […]

State Lego League Competition

The boys did well for themselves. Having to completely re-write their programs in two weeks was a strain, but every score was better than their best score in the local tournament. Still, the high scores went up appreciably more: one team scored 357 out of a possible 400. Many ideas for next year, if Carey […]

1080p Math

Let's perform a thought experiment wherein we take a pure, uncompressed 1080p signal. How much bandwidth would it take to display the signal at 60 FPS? 1920 * 1080 = 2073600 number of pixels 2073600 * 24 = 49766400 24-bit color (16.7M colors) 49766400 * 60 = 2985984000 60 frames per second 2985984000 / 8 […]

DirecTV Plus HD-DVR Coming

My research into HDMI and newer receivers led me again to check out DirecTV's HD DVR offerings. Though I'm located in Erie, my service location is in Pittsburgh. Thus, I get Pittsburgh local channels. Pittsburgh's local channels have apparently been available in HD over DirecTV for some time now, which means I can watch shows […]

HDMI Receivers of the Future

I found out yesterday that my TV only does 1080i, not 1080p, and was somewhat disappointed. Eh, no big deal - I'll ditch it in five years and get a new 60" HDTV capable of 1080p. By then, it should cost only $1.5k or so. I'll also get a new DVD player (when either Blu-Ray […]

Is the iPhone Real?

TUAW seems to think so, saying today's China Times says the iPhone design has been "finalized and released to manufacturing." Supposedly, the iPhone will include a 2.0 MP camera and debute in late Q1 or early Q2 2007. So I ask: Will Apple release an iPhone before 07/07? Yes No I want to believe, but […]

MIT Invents Wireless Electricity

MIT has invented wireless electricity. Long-time readers of the blog (both of us) will remember my To Do List. I'm not keen with items being taken away from me. The item reads: Invent wireless electricity (I'm still waiting on Rob to finish his portable cold fusion device). What's unusual is that the "Rob" noted in […]

OpenDNS Slow to Update

I updated the DNS records for over eight days ago. Everyone quickly came to the new IP address. Everyone except OpenDNS customers, that is. OpenDNS has not yet updated. I didn't notice until I got a few emails from people asking why NSLog(); was 404ing on them. I logged in to the old server […]

The Coming War

I really only have one question: how do you "die instantly" in a press? Nothing about a press sounds instant enough. The robots are getting smarter.

YouTube: Not Yet Worth Suing

I haven't linked to Mark Cuban in awhile, but this post deserves a mention. And it's two weeks old! At any rate, Mark puts forth the idea that YouTube won't be bought because it's a copyright infringement lawsuit waiting to happen. They haven't been sued yet because they don't have pockets deep enough to make […]

Really? Yes. And this quote about says it all: "Creative is very fortunate to have been granted this early patent," Apple's CEO Steve Jobs said in a press release.

Is it just me, or does Stephen Colbert look a lot like Bob Saget? Oh yeah, an interesting story, too.

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