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So Where are the iPhone Unlocks?

IIRC, two iPhone software unlocks were supposed to be available today (and I'm not counting that one). was one, but they've yet to release anything. The other was likely a hoax and/or virus. I'm getting bored here, people! I can only look at Mac 128k manuals for so long.

I haven't heard anything more on the AT&T buyout of Cellular One. Back in June, it was said the buyout would be completed around December or January. Our last contract (of the three phones we have with CellOne) ends in mid-November, so the timing works out nicely if so. Ideally, I could begin using my […]

iPhone and GMail/Yahoo

For whatever reason, I cannot set up GMail or Yahoo! mail on the iPhone. GMail fails rather quickly and Yahoo! takes much longer but likewise also fails. Do these services - like YouTube - require actual activation?

iPhone Received

My 8GB iPhone arrived today. Here's a re-telling of how things went. 11:22: iPhone arrives. 12:18: Finally have time to unpack iPhone. Admire little pull tab that separates iPhone from accessories. 12:19: Begin using iActivator. 12:31: Activate iPhone. Turns out I had to turn it off between steps or I got a funny error. 12:32: […]

Using an iPhone Without AT&T?

So I'm getting an iPhone… but I don't plan to get AT&T at all. I don't even want to sign up and then have to cancel nor do I want to go on a pay-as-you-go plan. I also want to avoid potential future "bricking" as much as possible and would like to leave open the […]

Panasonic’s HDC-SD1

Steve Jobs mentioned Panasonics AVC-HD (the HDC-SD1) HD camcorder which records high-quality HD video to an 8GB SD card in his keynote. The specs page says the camera has a high-speed shutter: 1/60th to 1/8,000th seconds. But it doesn't list the framerate. Currently, to record my golf swing (for analysis), I record on my Canon […]

Thanks to Gedeon for the tip, and I agree: Amanda Congdon is rather smug.

Squish it! I remember when I actually had a bug in my LCD display. I couldn't squish it (I tried to in a corner - really not very wise) but it was behind the LCD layer (duh). So I unplugged the display, put it so the vents (this was the old plastic 23" Cinema) were […]

The .biz Domain

Have you ever gotten a legitimate email from a .biz domain? Because I sure as heck haven't, and I'm seriously considering email blacklisting all .biz domains.

Woohoo!!!! Yippeee!!! It's true, it's true! iPhones, here I come.

Your iPhone Experiences

Comment here with your iPhone experiences, either first- or second-hand.

Getting an iPhone?

Are you getting an iPhone? Yes No Eventually (maybe second-gen) View Results

iPhone Rate Plans Online

Wow, not bad: $59.99 for 450 minutes, unlimited data, 200 text messages, and 5000 night-and-weekend minutes? Not too shabby if you ask me. Too bad, again, there's no Cingular/AT&T stores near or in Erie, PA. I may have to investigate the options come November, though, when our third cell phone falls into month-to-month. It's […]

Carey Needs a Temp Phone

Carey needs a phone that will accept a SIM card (for Cellular One). We don't want to extend our contract. She needs a simple phone with an address book - she really never uses the camera or other features (Bluetooth, MP3 ringtones, etc.). The other two phones we have were, uhhh, "mistreated" by the same […]

Water Power?

A car powered by four ounces of water? Supposedly, this isn't a prank… and yet today is the first I've heard of it. P.S. Hyrdogen burns (or explodes) quite easily. Remember the Hindenburg? Adding oxygen to the mix only helps, obviously, as combustion requires oxygen. Is that all that's going on here?

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