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Really? Yes. And this quote about says it all: "Creative is very fortunate to have been granted this early patent," Apple's CEO Steve Jobs said in a press release.

Is it just me, or does Stephen Colbert look a lot like Bob Saget? Oh yeah, an interesting story, too.

Carey and I just got a letter from Time Warner Cable saying that they'd bought Adelphia in my area. I don't know what this means for me, but when I type my zip code (16506) into, a site they told me to visit in the letter, the resulting page says "Ohio" and resides at […]

Nike Jogging iPod Thingy

I think the Nike iPod Jogging thingy is awesome. $29.99 or whatever it is? Great price. Too bad running is so bad for your joints… how long until I can get one that goes in my golf shoes and tells me how far I walked in a day and provide me with some tunes when […]

Legal to Copy

I don't think enough people know this, so I'm pointing it out: it's perfectly legal to let your friend borrow a CD so that they can make a copy of it (or to give them a copy yourself), so long as you don't sell the music (that'd be "financial gain"). As clarified here: Under the […]

Hidden iPod Commands

Hidden iPod commands can be found here. It's handy. And that's that.


Anyone have a spare $722,534 * 1.06 (sales tax)? C'mon, that's less than a million dollars, surely someone has it. Why? Duh. What does $800k buy you? 806 horsepower, seating for two, a rotary telephone for a dashboard, and side doors that won't allow you to park within two feet of a curb.

Personal iPod Volume

Apparently, this results in this.

I'm attending the launch of a new product in early April. The launch will be held on a golf course, and some golf pros and some PR types will be around for interviews. I'd like to incorporate some of the audio from the event into The Sand Trap's podcast, and as such, I'm looking for […]

Ever since I got my Cellular One phone number on May 11 of last year, nobody has been unable to send text messages to my phone via AIM. I could do so (and did so) frequently when I was using Cingular, but Cellular One regarded AIM messages as spam and thus rejected them. I've tried […]

Saw a Smart ForTwo

Returning from Turning Stone Resort & Casino on Sunday, Carey and I saw a Smart "ForTwo" car. It's tiny and looks like a death trap, but it apparently gets about 60 miles to the gallon. I thought the car cost about $12,000 - and I told Carey that at that price, it'd almost be worth […]


I just checked the "value" of my home on (Mac users: use Firefox. Safari is not yet supported). It's "valued" at about $8k less than Carey and I paid for it. But that value is seasonal, too: I checked the graphs and the home was worth $18k more than Carey and I paid for […]

Porn Rating System

Seriously, a porn rating system? Real smart Republican there, that Senator Ted Stevens is. Let's see, we have "B" for bestiality. Or is that "Butts"? "A" is like "Anal Penetration" or "Ass," and "L" would probably be Lesbian. Is "G" for "group" or "gay," then? I digress… During a committee hearing on the Child Online […]

HD Camcorders Under $1600

Steve was right: Sony's consumer HD camera is under $1600. In fact, it's under $1500. Pretty amazing.

Annoying People Now Illegal

I never hide behind a pseudonym, so I have no personal problems with this, but this law has absolutely no practical purpose and thousands of potential problems. Last Thursday, President Bush signed into law a prohibition on posting annoying Web messages or sending annoying e-mail messages without disclosing your true identity. My freakin' Senator, good […]

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