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Business Plan: Make inferior product Don't turn a profit Sue maker of better product Looks like a sound plan to me!


Use of QuickTime VR to display panoramic images of games? That's certainly an interesting use of panoramas!

Not so: While no "green" person would ever advocate buying a hybrid for purely economic reasons, it is painfully obvious that existing hybrids lack the ability to make up for their steep prices with gas savings. Read more here.

Official VW/iPod Adapter Delayed

As I posted in a Touareg forum, the guy I bought my Touareg from had this to say: I am on the phone with the parts dept now. I will not have the adapters here until late December because of the insanely high demand for the parts right now. Basically, the demand is several times […]

Internet Speed Tests

I had been using DSL Reports for 'net speed tests, but this speakeasy test is quite nice.

VaderPod Lands

I suppose it's fitting that the day Star Wars III comes out, I get my black iPod. I'm not the largest (or even the "mediumest") SW fan out there, not by a long stretch, but I've christened the new 60 GB black video iPod "VaderPod." Seeing the animation as it synchronized the first time, I […]

Cool White Light LEDs

Some student might soon be rich very for something he accidentally discovered. Very cool. All I really discovered in chemistry lab is that one shot of pure ethanol sure does burn. And that Steve was stupid for not being able to guess that prior to drinking it.

Got Skype

So, I've downloaded and installed Skype. If anyone (that I know) has it and would like to know what my username is, well, just ask. It's not "iacas" as they wouldn't let me use only five letters. I'll use either Skype or iChat AV for the whole podcasting thing. Guess I'll want to pick up […]

iPod Licensing Fees


Logitech Harmony 880 Remote

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the Logitech Harmony 520 caught my eye. A friend of mine mentioned that he could get me the Harmony 880 for about the same price as the 520. I took him up on the offer. Unfortunately, I may be returning it soon. The remote set up easily, but […]

Logitch Harmony 520 Remote

I've heard good things about the Logitech line of universal remotes, and the 520 caught my eye. Carey and I currently have, oh, four remotes we use regularly (TV, TiVo, Receiver, DVD Player). All but the TiVo are Sony remotes, so there is some overlap, and the TiVo I programmed to power on both the […]

To print a 175-page PDF, Kinko's charges 7¢/page. That's $12.25 to print something just because I don't want to use my own laser printer or to read it on-screen. To FedEx/Kinko's I say "bah!" Staples charges $2.49 + 6¢/page ($12.99). Plus the hold music when I called the store was "Sometimes" by Britney Spears. Uh […]

iTunes Algorithms and Pandora

As I was reading "How Much Does iTunes Like My Five-Star Songs?" Jeff IMed to tell me about, which is essentially an Internet radio station that asks you for your favorite song or artist, then plays more music that's similar in style. Pandora gives you ten hours for free, then looks to charge $36/year. […]

Ask Eliza

This interview with Ask Jeeves reminds me of that time Gabe fought with Eliza after we pitted two Elizas against each other.

AirPort Intercom

I've been thinking about how nice it would be to have an intercom system in my house. I'd put an intercom in the basement, the kitchen, the living room, and at least one room upstairs (though possibly in two). Currently, I've got about as many AirPort base stations or AirPort Expresses. Why hasn't Apple combined […]

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